French Open 2021 🎾

Yeah he played like a fucked-up old man, albeit a very very gifted fucked-up old man. Comes to them all eventually.

told you all the statue was cursed

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Time for Stefanos to Stef up.

i feel like he has a better chance against novak than he would have had against nadal but maybe that’s just cos of all those times rafa destroyed federer’s single handed backhand, might not hold true with tsitsipas

What the frig is Inverdale’s shirt?

nadal’s now lost 3 whole times in 108 french open matches



Who will rid me of this turbulent Djokovic.

haven’t been able to watch tennis in years, just can’t trust it any more. can’t help but think that whoever wins between that pair, it’s :syringe: :pill: that prevails (not that i think that the rest of tennis’ elite is any better, tbh)

(apologies for the negativity)

hate nadal.

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What’s lead you to this opinion?

Even if it’s true, seriously who gaf?

not been keeping up with it in the best part of a decade so times may have changed to be fair, but read loads about how tennis’ doping control and drug testing was absolutely dreadful compared to most sports, not even testing for pretty major drugs routinely abused by athletes in other disciplines. the ITF wouldn’t even consider that doping would be a problem, that tennis was a game of reactions etc where it wouldn’t help, not considering the endurance and athleticism part of the game. then (although never officially made public) Nadal was heavily implicated in the Operation Puerto blood bag thing in Spain… like I say, I’ve not paid any attention to tennis in ages so testing etc could have picked up by now.

I mean, I guess I do. But if others don’t that’s cool. Not trying to diss anybody’s sporting preferences here. Shouldn’t have posted at all TBH.

It would massively matter to me if they were found to be doping, so I completely understand your position. Thanks for the info

OK so to the matter in hand.

Want to win
  • Krejcikova
  • Pavlyuchenkova
  • Not bothered. Just hoping for a nice match

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Will win
  • Krejcikova
  • Pavlyuchenkova

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Number of sets
  • Two
  • Three
  • One of them’s going to have a massive tant and get DQ’d

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Just changed my answer to the first one after just seeing Krejcikova’s presser. :smiley:

Well that’s the match we were expecting huh? Ana’s got the edge on power, Babs has the edge on mental steel.

Well that was a pretty impressive way to start your first GS final.

Match needed that break.

Christ’s sake is Sam Smith just going to spend the next twenty minutes listing all the Czech people who’ve ever lived?

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Doesn’t seem all that bothered, does she