French Open 2021 🎾



Even a stopped clock and all that. Suck it up everyone!

Take it back, that was a lovely interview

That look on her face when Fabrice mentioned Novotna is going to stick with me for a while.

Well this couldn’t be any more French could it!

What the actual hell is this?

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Oh right. It’s a big fuck you to Eurovision. Now I get it.

You and John agree on that at least.

Thanks for rubbing that in! I kind of remember the song I think. @shrewbie will give the definitive verdict I’m sure.

It’s OK Babs, Sam Smith’s got a list you can use.

Realise the French crowd are going to be looking at their watches and tapping their feet for the arrival of their dubs heroes after this somehow finally ends.

Missed the final cos I was doing family stuff. Was vaguely rooting for Pavs but Krejcikova has won me round these last 2 weeks with her game and personality, really happy for her

The depth of talent produced by the Czech Republic for a country that size is remarkable, especially on the WTA side. lots of bigger countries should be paying attention to whatever they’re doing


Pretty good weekend for Babs all round then. Hope she’s got a big mantelpiece.

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Solid start from Stef

Been switching between the football and tennis, but this is definitely a lot better at the moment!

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Yes my boy!!!
2 more of those please
This is gonna be a very long match isn’t it

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Blimey. Really did not see Tsitsipas taking the first 2 sets but very happy. Of course, Djokovic might take the next 3….


Here we bloody go

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Right now I think most tennis fans would say this is the more likely result.

Tsitsipas has gone way too passive. If he doesn’t wise up fast this will be like shooting fish in a barrel for Nole.

Showed some grit there, but needs to blaze it now.