French Protests

Didn’t find a thread on this already when I searched.

Things are really heating up and a broad swathe of people are united in their protest:

Huge protests expected this weekend. Many tourist sites and municipal buildings closing down.

Price of petrol goes up a bit and the French riot. Meanwhile we’re sat here about to get dragged into economic oblivion due to a public schoolboy spat and a pig-headed refusal to look reality in the eye by the ruling classes and we’re all sat here going “oh well that’s just how it is, isn’t it”.

For FUCK’s sake.


france is off the hook rn eh

one of those weird movements where there are good left wing protestors mixed in with terrible fash stuff, confusing.



My friend is going to Paris this weekend and has such terrible luck with these things. She was there when Charlie Hebdow happened and another massive riot where she had to be police escorted from a museum to her hotel.

cops are shooting press now

Some yellow jackets scattered around Brussels now too
Saw some getting in a fight with someone and then some heavily armoured police chasing them away

meant to say, i dunno what to make of it, even after reading that article^^. i mean macron is awful and the police are brutal but idk how right-wing a lot of the movement is, doesn’t seem like the left is taking control as much as jacobin seem to believe.


If only they could find a French Macron, they’d have none of this trouble


i found this long-ass thread and it’s a mix of good takes and wild paranoia, perfect imo


turns out there is a decentish leftist presence

please join in with posting itt pals, the situation is super interesting and pertinent to our own in a hundred plus different ways. don’t let me syria another thread…

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always wondered, is it ok to use the hammer and sickle considering how many people Stalin killed etc? Has it been reclaimed for something else now?


DB or parse or someone i think made a good argument about why it’s okay to use it. i can’t remember now, sorry to whoever it was. i know it’s been discussed before here, at any rate. i think it came down to hammer and sickle = originally meant freedom and socialism to many people, stalin was the aberration, and other communists always used it and they never hurt anyone. so using it now is reclaiming it. whereas the swastika = always bad, right from the beginning. something like that.

From the beginning?

well i know the swastika was a buddhist thing originally but i don’t know how many people in 1920s germany knew that

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can we have a new nice symbol for good communism instead? Like some kind of twist on it maybe



decent first draft but could we make good a little bit bigger so people don’t confuse it with the bad kind? :slight_smile:

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