French Protests


can we have a new nice symbol for good communism instead? Like some kind of twist on it maybe



decent first draft but could we make good a little bit bigger so people don’t confuse it with the bad kind? :slight_smile:


I was in Paris yesterday, but made a point of not going right into the areas that were on the line of the planned march. I know how French police are and don’t particularly want to get tear gassed.

For a person not involved in the protests at all, central Paris did sometimes feel quite weird. There were plenty of police, ordinary and riot, around, deployed at particular spots, ready to scramble (by Opera, around by Louvre Rivoli and Palais du Louvre, on the Rue des Capucines and lots on Boulevard Haussmann).

All the museums/galleries and most of the shops in the centre were closed. It was very quiet generally and it looked like most of the people around were either police or protesters.

Here’s Galleries Lafayette two-and-a-half weeks before Christmas.

And this is at Opera.

Once away from these areas, you wouldn’t even know anything was happening, apart from some things, like the banks, being shut. I went across to St. Germain des Pres and ate churros at the little Christmas market.

So it was a bit weird, but the fact that all he museums were shut meant that I actually did some shopping and now have some of my Christmas presents sorted, which is unusual for me.


Howabout this? Trynna be creative with the medium… The word communism on the front indicates that communism can be both good and bad. Plus you could make a BAD communism one too, if necessary.


how about something more universally understood like this:


(it’s a human hugging the world…the red represents communism and the hug is us making the world better through love and kindness)


here’s how it might look in practice in case you can’t picture it



not that it’s not a nice idea mate, but it’s easily moved to right wing nwo baity stuff.


ah I guess everything has already been ruined


anarchism is still good, just do that


what’s the logo for that?



there’s one that’s an angry cat, that one’s good


nailed it


getting there!


stealing this


What’s the origin of this pic and how old is it?

I ask because a Rolling Stone article coined the phrase “great vampire squid” to describe Goldman Sachs. And it’s turned up in many articles since.

I’ve used that phrase in person because Goldman Sachs are evil. Horrified that phrase has anti-semitic origins.


Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism has a flag or two I could get behind


think it’s original Der Stormer propoganda, or if this specific one isn’t, the Jewry as octopus meme is.

might be the Nazis racialising an earlier class based image though?


Thanks. I’m surprised no one else has called out Rolling Stone magazine for describing Goldman Sachs as a great vampire squid. That’s too close for comfort. Once met a guy at a party who was convinced that there was a Jewish banking conspiracy to keep everyone down apart from the Jewish people. He thought I would agree with him because of my brown complexion.