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  • Fresh
  • Powdered

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Powdered custard?! oh no no no no no



  • Fresh Only
  • Flakes are fine

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Different chillies for different needs.

You ain’t putting fresh chillis in a puttanesca but you aint putting flakes in chilli tofu so


no pick one


Do quite like a bowl of Birds but fresh is best.


What am I making?!




Well if i’m making chilli tofu, i’m using fresh birds eye chillies
if i’m making puttanesca, i’m using dried chillies.

you can’t just pick one as they don’t both work for all recipes.


no you have to pick one


[in the event you’re not making your own pesto]

  • Fresh
  • Jarred

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I refuse.


that’s cool, you’re wrong anyway, it’s flakes


enjoy your shit dinners then!


Not worth worrying about, food never is


Will Smith

  • Fresh
  • Not

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Pesto’s probably the only food that’s best from a £1 supermarket jar. I’ve travelled extensively throughout Liguria and tried several authentic Italian family recipes. None are noticably better than the gear from Morrisons, Tesco, or particularly Sainsburys. It’s fucking incredible it’s so cheap. I eat it straight from the jar sometimes.


getting the full raft of #sensible people thising the wrong opinions itt already


Will Smith 1980-2000: Fresh
Will Smith 2001-2018: No longer Fresh


The rotten Prince of bel-air