Fresh or not? [polls] [chat]

he was a bit of a jerk to uncle phil tbf


  • Fresh
  • Dry

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Probably more Stale Prince of Bel-Air?

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nobody has the time to make fresh pasta unless they’re an actual Italian grandparent


On the turn Prince of bel-air

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I gave up my old pasta maker due to space, but it was amazing :frowning:

Some absolute @anon50098204 is going to windmill in and say fresh is sooooooo much better but you literally can’t tell the difference.

I’m assuming he meant a bag of fresh pasta from tezzbots fridge


Past it’s Best Before date prince of bel-air

i don’t mind

hey planik, @incandenza has got some big onions about custard


Looks like fresh meat’s back on the menu

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really really

  • fresh meat
  • inbetweeners

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In spite of the existence of Whitehall it’s fresh meat

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this is an outrageous opinion

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offfff I was thinking Inbetweeners was so much better as to make the poll obsolete, now it’s must see viewing

Neither of them are particularly good and my flag is not firmly bolted to that mast