Freshers week


I just realised mine was a decade ago :sweat_smile: what was yours like? How different to the ones happening now was it?

Warwick clearly hated their students so ours was actually 2 weeks of events, but with lectures on as usual from day 1. Also, everyone would bring digital cameras with them because mobile phone cameras were terrible, and Facebook was still new so it was ok to add everyone you’d spoken to for three seconds so you could tag them in photos. Also all the events were terrible they had one where you had to wear pjs. Most girls had gone to Primark to get cute ones to wear but i didn’t know this and wore my actual (old lady style, ugly) pyjamas :joy:


mine was 13 years ago

just went out to the student union a lot and saw some absolutely shite bands. god, that’s bleak.


Mine was 9 years ago, welp.
Got drunk the first night, played table tennis the day after. Remember literally nothing else.


Spent a week partying with a group of people who I never hung out with again. Mostly drunk, can’t really remember much else.


Undergrad freshers week at Glasgow was foam party, Abba and Beatles covers bands ?! and cheap drinks. All anyone asked each other was what were you studying and what did you get for your highers/a-levels (which seems really bizarre now).

Postgrad freshers at Oxford was champagne and caviar and fancy dinners and people telling you about how their dad was Tony Blair’s GP or how they’d won a gold medal at the Olympics.

Probably had more fun during the term than in freshers week tbh.


12 years ago for me. Just got really drunk isn’t it. Went to see Tom Vek supported by The Chap which was good. Banged the girl who lived opposite me in halls, that wasn’t so good.


jesus, i forgot foam parties were a thing


Mine was 20 years ago.

We had 9-5 lectures and studio work from the first day, so we got to go to none of the daytime activities. We had Paul Okenfold DJ at the union and Danni Minogue sing a few songs. I don’t remember going to much else, tbh.

The main thing I remember from that first week is turning up to collect my key for my halls of residence room and realising that loads of people already knew each other. I thought that I’d arrived a day late and missed all the introductions, but apparently it was just that the public schools had held networking events for their pupils over the summer.


Uuummm mine was… 13 years ago.

I don’t remember a thing from it


:beers: :tropical_drink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :balloon: :face_vomiting: :rotating_light:


mine was 9 years ago. King’s College London freshers involved these awful pub crawls, ending up at Walkabout on the thames. I actually went to one, but left without telling anyone 10 minutes in when we were walking to the first pub. I don’t remember anything else being organized. Maybe something at Ministry of Sound? I didn’t go, regardless.

other than that, smoking biftas in a guy’s room who’s name I can’t remember, eating pret sandwiches, hanging out with my then girlfriend, exploring London with my ipod - was pretty rad.

I also saw someone get hit and run-over outside my halls, which was pretty horrible.


Still trying to remember…

yep. nothing.

I am so glad Facebook was not a thing. Myspace was terrible enough :grimacing:

Your myspace pic you posted a while ago was brilliant.


mine was shit. i only went out like 3 times (was on medication and couldn’t drink, plus got really bad freshers flu), got told by an old man when i was walking into town one night that i shouldn’t go out by myself because i’d get raped, rang my parents at 1am on a Friday night crying about how homesick I was, only made one friend (this jerk - not necessarily clear there that he is a jerk, but he was a total jerk). started uni as I meant to go on :ok_hand:


It was 20 years ago today. In Kent.

My uni was small and a bit crap. The halls were being renovated so loads of people had to move straight into houses. One of my housemates was a ‘mature’ student (he was probably only about 24) who was a crazy rocker guy from Bristol. He convinced me to do acid with him as he “hadn’t done it in years” and he then proceeded to lose his marbles.

Pretty sure Doc Scott DJ’d at some point. Definitely remember not pulling anyone.


11 years ago, threw up on the N18 night bus, went to see Idiot Pilot.


I worked out that Thursday will mark 20 years to the day that I moved into my halls in my first year of uni. I remember arriving in my halls and how the first two people I met were:

  1. a guy called Adam who had John Lennon glasses, a brown velvet jacket, beads round his neck and no shoes or socks on (he used to walk around barefooted to connect with nature. He also once tried to get high by ingesting a jar of Schwarz nutmeg, dissolved into several mugs of hot chocolate);
  2. a guy called Dan who was from near Preston and had curtains and a tye-die t-shirt and was into happy hardcore and studied astrophysics.

My dad had made me up a banana crate full of groceries to get me started, but we forgot it and so I had to find my way to the Co-op to get some food for dinner. I remember the ritual of cooking for myself for the first time, and how my diet in the early days mirrored the sorts of meals I would have had at home (until I discovered that I didn’t have to eat boiled potatoes with every meal).

I remember awkwardly standing around drinking Foster’s Ice or something like that til it was time to go to the student bar. I was in the cheapest accommodation the uni had to offer, so it was either a 40 minute walk from Cyncoed hill or a wait for a student minibus.

Anyway, that first night I lost all of the people from my halls, or maybe they lost me. I made some crap attempts at making conversation with people and then gave up, walked home, made myself cheese on toast and went to bed at about 11pm.

Things did get better from that point, and I made some friends within the halls. TBH we just seemed to spend a lot of time platonically hanging around in each other’s rooms and drinking.


Mine was 18 years ago. I got a Barclaycard, a BT Cellnet mobile with it and a bloke who was sat in the kitchen lolling about in his own shit was pointed out to me. Inauspicious start for him, nicely understated for me.


Why is Witches wearing a fez at the end of her freshers’ week?


mine was great. all downhill from there.


I don’t really remember but I got drunk and went out a lot and it meant I was on friendly terms with people for the next few years so that was alright.

I had friends in the year above so went out with them too. Went out too much I think.

I remember asking the 24 hour garage person for custard creams and running away after he turned his back to get them