Frevening thread

Hello, is everyone having a good evening? What are you all up to?

Hello froglet. I’m going to start drinking soon in time for the football then probably stay up til the early hours posting chart trance tunes from the late 90s/early 00s on DiS.

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Mighty fine

Drinking a Cherry Martini


Drinking a delicious IPA that tastes like ass, then I’m gonna watch the football in a bit.

Watching The Godfather Pt II and eating :pizza:

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Back in smelly old London after a lovely week in mcr. Got a whole weekend of getting my flat into some sort of liveable condition so i’ve cued up a whole season of curb, got burrito and beers being delivered. Currently sat on my sofa looking around, not knowing where to begin. :eyes:


Good evening!

Spent the afternoon painting furniture.

Got a pizza on its way for dinner.

Then I’m gonna watch le foot and have a beer, I reckon.

Not bad so far!

Done the Sainos order, got some jacket potatoes in the oven and I’m drinking a nice beer. That’s about it for my evening.

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Ello (remember ello?)

On a bus on the way to meet my girlfriend and her parents for Korean BBQ :pray:

Hoping this afternoon’s jab doesn’t knock me out this evening


Evening all :wave:

Just making a Thai green curry. The paste is a little :fire: :hot_pepper: :fire: but there’s no going back now.

Gonna find a film on Netflix. Recommendations?

I’m going to attempt to play basketball for a bit before the light goes

then probably watch some of the football

then I’m going to go buy some ingredients for various foods

I feel a bit wobbly, tho

Cool Runnings.


Fish and Chips due to packing obligations. Wish I could watch the football tbh.

Knackered. Back in at 5.30 tomorrow. Knocking up some roasted toms in thyme and balsamic, garlicky mushrooms and spinach, mozzarella a some toast. Will have a shower and a squash then bed. Zzzzz how boring


I’m off to the pub in a bit, for my postponed birthday drinks. Rumours are that @Gnometorious and @avery in town too, so look out for an award winning post in the selfie thread which may also feature @grievoustim and @CillaCrack


just coz it felt like a fun thing to dig out the archive i chucked an old band of mine on the label page. really, really need to hang out with the singer again and do more.

if you like shoegaze, give it a shot

Some cracking internet speeds tonight :rofl:

Cheers Plusnet

:smiley: fuck

reminds me of this guy

That’s Disney+ isn’t it? (Seen it recently)

No idea, I have it on DVD.