Frevening thread


These are allowed at 6, are they not? GOOD.

I feel significantly less restless after realising I work in the daytime tomorrow and not the evening shift, which means doing anything tonight is more or less out of the question (as if my bank account wasn’t reason enough). Gonna eat a bit soon and maybe watch a film or something (finished Peaky Blinders earlier today and don’t feel like diving straight into a new show).

What about YOU?


I am sick so staying in

There’s a noodle place near me that is sometimes on deliveroo and sometimes not and its not there yet and I want it so bad. I need a super spicy noodle soup ffs


eating some pizza, then going to a friend’s exhibition. mainly just want 2 go 2 bed.


Eating: A tamarind potato curry. Dried apricots for afters.

Drinking: White hot chocolate.

Watching: Brotherhood (Series 2) and Summerslam '91.

Reading: Dispatches by Michael Herr (Hunter S Thompson-y book about Vietnam).

Listening to: Eluvium’s new one.

Guess that’s 5-0 to the big lad.


On a ferry. My cat is currently in the kennel next to two dogs who are freaking the fuck out. Gave him two sedative pills which, according to the vet, would ‘knock him out’ for basically the whole 16hr trip (lol). Unfortunately it’s just made him groggy and high. He’s still prone to bouts of yowling. My only hope is he’s too high to remember how stressful all this was by tomorrow


What kind of pizza is it eric


Just gonna have a bit of an argument and then go to bed I reckon


@bugduv: That’s a solid overview, well done. Don’t think I’ve ever had white hot chocolate, actually.

@still_here: I feel sorry for your cat but at the same time would quite like to see a high cat :smiley:

@Smee: ooooh, whatchu arguing about?


hope he’s alright and not traumatised by it. poor boy <3


Oh well I’m ill and she’s fed up so we both think the other one isn’t pulling their weight.


It’s not entertaining unfortunately. His third eyelids come out a lot which can happen, but it almost looks like he’s dying. Nothing else really happens.

It was more fun when he’d just had his balls chopped off. He was fine except he looked like he’d had about 8 pints


fucking freezing. can’t warm up. :snowflake:


Just got in from the pub after a pint and half (half was to take it over minimum card charge).

Really hungry. Did my food shopping whilst looking at recipes online last week and it was delivered yesterday and didn’t save any of the recipes so no idea what some of the stuff I ordered was for.

Did order stuff to make sushi for the first time but can’t be bothered with that tonight. Probably just make some pasta or something.

I asked someone for a drink tomorrow and she said yes but text today to cancel so not feeling great about that.

Might go to Firhill tomorrow. And a psychedelic gig on Sunday…but might not.


Me too :worried:


Is that a picture of someone I should recognise or is this a “post an arbitrary stock picture with your status” thread?

We’re eating a medley of small portions of leftover food from the freezer. Chicken Thai massaman curry, vegetable makhanwala, naan and paratha. Call it fusion if you like.


Let me just say that the picture is relevant for what day it is, but I had also forgotten about her before doing a “Friday” image google search just then.


I’m drinking Yeastie Boys stout and waiting for my pork and sweet potato patties to cook.


Have sat on the grass for hours as the flat was driving me mad, I’m going to miss using the garden in winter.

s_a_d is coming over for dinner soon, binging on Gilmore Girls until then


Good frevening everyone


My Thai food’s on the way. When we starting The Force Awakens simulive blog, then?