Let’s get this fucker started

Got £100 bonus so no longer in danger of dying.



Fuck Yodel!

Got a pizza for dinner. Early bed as I’m starting at 5 tomorrow morning


Listening to Christmas buble


Yodel emailed me earlier about a delivery, I have no idea


Boss kindly bought me zwei beers after work. To pub the second for a pint and then a curry with a couple of guyz.

Want to get pwopa wrecked, will have three more drinks in all likelihood.


So I’m having a few in my wee local, then I’m gonna head up the road, stick the fire on and open some wine.
Roll a wee doob and listen to some records whilst I wait for a pizza to arrive, think I might listen to some nat King Cole festive music.
That’s gonna be my night and I’m pretty happy about it :+1:


I’ll be honest Lopez, that sounds like a solid 10/10 evening.


Mon round, there’s a glass wi yer name on it :+1:


Could be my parcel




I’ve done basically nothing of value today. I partly blame the icy hill. Off to Manc tomorrow though, which’ll be niiiiice


Cheers, man. I’ll be there sometime Sunday afternoon.


Off to staff Xmas do thing



Really wish I had a drywipe marker on me


That snowman is terrifying


Mogwai are playing across the road from me. I love Mogwai. I’m at work. This is no good to me at all!


I’ve rubbed out the punchline, that’s the best I can do


Evening, on a very dark road to the Lakes. Not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to the trip to Booths more than a really cold icy walk up some godforsaken hill tomorrow.


Very reminiscent of garfield minus garfield. Good work.


Will give you a wave!