Welcome to the Friday evening thread. Yes it is. No it isn’t too early.
Drinking Prosecco and listening to Phoebe Bridgers.
Have a great Friday evening, which it is now.


Good afternoon!


perfectly timed .gif


On train to Glasgow for some beers, first time I’ve been out in, what feels like, absolute yonks. Need to be semi sensible as I’ve many parenting duties tomorrow.

So I’ll let you know when @lo-pan and I wake up in a hotel room together.


Listening to prosecco and drinking Ross From Friends


look at this




where you off to ma man?!

currently having a wee beer and listening to some chet baker. my mum is swinging by later with some of her meatballs/shopping. :relaxed:
gonna be odd having a weekend in…albeit it no option :slight_smile:

Got Mrs CCB’s parents over for the evening. (They’re staying in a Travelodge down the road, having been on holiday this week further up the coast). We’re all very tired so we’ve ordered Chinese for dinner :yum:

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The Raven. Apparently we’ve got electric darts booked along with a munch and some beers.

Not played darts in about 15 years but… it’s something to do, innit?

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I am going to have some wine.

No other plans.


i have not been there. electric darts eh?!
food looks good :+1:

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Still very into eating peanut butter straight from the jar. But I’m a purist, needs to be only 100% peanuts

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Long day to end a long week. Got a picky tea and plenty of free beer to help me get over it though.

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Drinking a beer and snacking on some crisps. Today has been a bit of a non-day so I’m glad to have got to this point. No plans for tonight but might go to the pub and play some Carcassonne or something.

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oh no

Gonna have a few beers and play Halo I think

Still a bit under the weather and have plans Sunday evening so going to lay pretty low till then

Heading back to That London for Self Esteem tonight! Listening to the album and getting hyped, I didn’t love any of the singles but it’s way better as an album. I wish artists could just drop albums without the need for singles.


You reckon you’d eat Jobbie straight from the source?