Freya's day Thread (friday)

Weekend plans? I’m working tomorrow and only have sunday off.


Last day at work then I’m off for a week. I need the break. I’ve worked more additional hours in the past seven days than I’m actually taking off next week.

Going to spend the weekend sleeping, playing hockey and hoping that I don’t succumb to a cold/flu that ruins the holiday.

Tired and a bit grumpy tbh. Got planning this morning, the afternoon at an Nqt thing then have to drive to drop in a load of supplementary information to R’s secondary school…no creeping in there after a few mass attendances.

Going to buy myself a lovely lunch, pizza for tea. :star_struck:


WFH. Mini SNES gets delivered today. Also FIFA for the switch. Gonna play them then watch the rugby league on TV :+1:

Probably have a nap too.

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Got a new Airbnb sorted after my other one fell through so I’m not gonna be homeless in Switzerland for a month and a half. New host has a cat with big blue eyes :heart_eyes:

No weekend plans apart from DJ Shadow on Sunday.


Slept absolutely terribly last night.

Really really cba. Probably going to bail on the meat later too, sorry everyone. Got so much to do.

Weekend plans mainly involve DIY and bike-related shit.

Morning. Ushering at my mate’s wedding later. Got to do a reading from the Bible. CBA with that.

Also it is a dog who’s not quite an ATD but I still think is a Good Dude’s birthday and his Rock Band are playing tonight and I won’t be able to get drunk with everyone, boo-urns.

Last day before a week’s annual leave today. Probably going to be in the office all evening doing all the work i would have been doing next week :sob::tired_face::dizzy_face:

fucking kanckered and run down to fuck. joy! getting horrible sores on my lips from being run down. jeeesus!

playing badminton later. nice

Morning all,

Got loads to do at work and should really be I’m by now but…I’m not yet.

Got paid but spent more than I should on the credit card this month so feeling a bit down about that.

Having a bit of a flat warming, though it’s mainly because someone else that was having a party couldn’t have one so I said have it here. Though think we are heading out for a bit. Might going The Garage for the first time…

Saturday - feeling sorry for myself no doubt.

Sunday - probably a bit more of the same but maybe some tennis, head and weather dependant.

Hi. I have time off in lieu to take but I really need to go in today so it’ll be getting bumped to next week.

Wife’s birthday this weekend so hopefully going to do something cool before the weather goes shit

Sometimes I wonder what the point in annual leave is - I just end up doing the same hours but piled up beforehand and after.


Went to a Christening a couple of weeks ago and the vicar read one of the death and destruction Old Testament stories, which I thought was peculiar for a Christening. Maybe read one of those about folk getting drowned or whatever.

Also - Morning!

Got the day off today then working the weekend. Not got a great deal planned today - need to take a prescription to the doc’s and get a bit of shopping before settling down for the quiz answers this afternoon… Making burgers for dinner tonight.

Hullo! Been up since 6 :dizzy_face: last day in this crappy job. Going out to DiSmeat tonight, recording all day tomorrow and then gonna try and get out for a nice walk on sunday if the weather is good enough. Will probably drink a beer or two :beers:


Mrs CCB had to read 1 Corinthians 13 (love is patient, love is kind) at my sister’s wedding. She forgot to bring a Bible or a print out of the words but thought "eh it’ll be fine, there’ll be a Bible in the church).

Anyway, there were no bibles in the church. Proceedings were delayed for about five minutes while the vicar frantically thumbed through the book of common prayer to see if it was in there.

Of course, these days we all have the internet on our phones so you’ll be fine :+1:

Morning all. Got a bit of a cold but am refusing to let that dampen my spirits. Got leaving drinks and pizza for one of my colleagues later; then tomorrow I’m getting up early* and driving to Kent to buy a guitar :slight_smile: and going to IKEA on the way back for furniture for the girls’ bedrooms. I’m taking our eldest with us so it’ll be a nice road trip for us.

Cooking for some friends in the evening on Saturday, Craig-David-ing on Sunday.

* going easy on the drinks tonight of course as I’ve got an early start

Luckily so, as I left the printed copy of the verse at home. Gonna write it out by hand (Colossians 3: 12-17)