Fri 19th Feb Daytime

Morning all!

Probably a duplicate by now anyway.




Should really do some work. Don’t want to though.

I mean, shaky, but then we’re getting our ottolenghi delivery today so at least dinner will smash it.

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I’ve made ‘overnight oats’ for the first time, hope theyre good
Just got No Direction Home on DvD, so maybe a beers and Bob

I’ve got quite an easy class to teach this morning and will probably talk more about computer games than anything course-related.

It is very wet outside so that might prevent my plans for a walk later.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


This is the worst part of any holiday for me - knowing that you (at least) need something for Monday morning but you’re still on holiday.

Stay positive :fist:t2:


Was rudely awoken by the bin people at 6.30

Haven’t done any work all week. Was hoping to remedy this today but it’s not looking good now.

Morning Keith.

Finally found a low-impact exercise routine that doesn’t seem to fuck my bad ankle up so will see how stiff it feels after day two of giving it a runout. Read a bit more Private Eye, watch A Matter of Life and Death, get my washing out on the line.

I’m off work this week so optimism comes as standard. Next Friday’s answer might be a bit different.

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Morning all.

Enjoying the last day of half term before online teaching resumes on Monday.

In bed with the radio on and reading Barack Obama’s book.

No plans for today. Probably gaming.


Thing is I know Sunday Slicky will be very pleased if I do something today but equally, seems like not fun…

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I feel like I’ve shared this before but during my PGCE year, I had a load of resources I needed to make from scratch for an observation and I’d left it all until the night before. It got to the night before, and I was really tired and couldn’t be arsed so I set my alarm for 5am and went to bed early.

5am arrived, I still couldn’t be arsed so I went back to sleep, rang in sick at 8am and didn’t do it.

Don’t do that.


@Avery sausage added

There was too many I couldn’t eat them


Watch football

My mug of tea is half full.

*) this is my new Friday routine: start the weekend with something fancy


The espresso martinis you can get in a tin from the supermarket are surprisingly good


Morning! Its SIXTEEN DEGREES on Saturday and I’m so excited, I’ve got a book about good places to walk in London and will merge a few of them and walk, ideally I’d go to kew gardens but i have no one to drive me there :sob:


Hello hello.

Bike ride
More work

Weather looks okay this weekend at least. Otherwise :woman_shrugging:


It’s friday! Hooray!

Fish & Chips for dinner, not many meetings in the diary. I might sneak out at some point and buy some beers to put in the fridge and crack open at 5pm.

Like @avocado I too am excited about this weekend’s weather. Tomorrow morning I think I’ll cycle down to the other side of the marina and let Jimbo hop around in the rockpools (assuming the tide times work)

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I have limes to use so I’m considering a lime drop martini

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Revealing myself as a sometime daythread lurker - but I think the undercliff is shut at the minute:

Morning all.

I made the mistake of asking if they needed any extra bodies at an exam today. The answer is no but they thought I may as well come in just in case so I’m sat around like a plum. Great stuff.

The wife just announced there’s a couple of crates of Tiny Rebel beer in the house that she bought and forgot about months ago. I’m not sure I understand the concept of just buying beer and forgetting about it. Pretty happy with this development though.

Hope you’re all well.