Fri 19th Feb Daytime

Yeah, don’t look a colossal gift horse in the mouth.


3 (three) Billy Book cases to build today.

That’s living alright.

Had a dream that I went to number one in the charts with a cover of Sacrifice by Elton John. Amazing.


Morning, hope things are good for all.
Been a long week.
Had a bit of a mini meltdown at work yesterday. Frustration more than anything.
Also only just realised yesterday that I don’t really have anything to look forward to, at all, which… isn’t ideal. Need to sort that out. Should be easy enough with little things here and there so I’m not worried just feels odd. It’s like I just forgot about myself for a while.

Buuuut it’s Friday and have a no-plan weekend to chill etc so that’ll be cool

MLKs first draft etc



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Could right go 3 sausages, about now.


Look at Billy loadsa Books over here.

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Ooh, good point. Maybe we’ll jump in the car and head over to Peacehaven or Saltdean then

Day off today because I haven’t used up all my leave (has anyone?)

Walk. Nice dinner. Not drinking at the moment so film then bed.

you absolute rookie

Hope you wrapped them and are taking for a sneaky sausage snack later.

I would’ve been fine if I’d had another hour to wake up properly

I have the bag of pastries for lunch


Fruit pastilles lolly for breakfast

Been barely here this week. Because apparently I decided my life is not quite Lovecraft enough, so now as of this week I literally have rats in the walls. AMA


gonna do


That was very much my first reaction yes

Don’t you have cats? What are they playing at?

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Just trying to force down a bowl of porridge. I’m even bored of food