Fri 3rd Feb: Digital City Warehouse Party ft Altern8 / Mark Archer & Wennink



The Nines, 133 Copeland Park, Peckham, SE15 3SN

Formed at a derelict office rooftop party in 2005, Digital City has pummelled London’s prestige warehouse spaces for 12 years while remaining firmly underground, despite consistently monstrous headliners from the electronic world including Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper, and Luke Slater, while showcasing upper echelon artists from the likes of Warp, Ninja Tune, Soma, Studio !K7, Soul Jazz, Tru Thoughts, and Cocoon, to name but a smattering.

ALTERN8 / Mark Archer (DJ set)

But legend has it that ‘proper’ warehouse partying did not start in '05. NO SIREE. Digital City aficionados will know we are no stranger to Old Skool Rave, and so it is with great pleasure that we pay homage to the past with a headline set from quite possibly the biggest name in hardcore history, ALTERN8, who have promised to bring nothing short of wall-to-wall bangers from back in the day when illegal raves were quite simply an era-defining part of life.

Known as much for donning chemical warfare suits as for their early '90s chart-bothering mastery of the Rolands TB-303, 808 and 909, Altern8 have recently been re-Activ-8ing their props with show-stopping rave-blasts at the likes of Berghain/ Panorama Bar, Sub Club, Sonar, Bestival and their now fabled closing set at the final Bloc Weekend.

Altern8 Boiler Room set:

WENNINK (live)

…but of course, Digital City has never been happy to dwell in just one form of music, so fusing with the techno, acid, house, beats and bleep standards, we are double pleased to introduce Unsigned Music Awards 2016 finalists, WENNINK, who will level the playing field with their fragile, piano-synth electronica, vocal hooks and spine-quaking melodies. It should come as absolutely no surprise that Clash magazine is comparing them to Thom Yorke’s acclaimed solo work.


Joining the quite significant expanse between these two musical dots will be Digital City residents BustMasta BarryDark, Remote and Tentonatom (live), while VJs deliver cutting-edge visuals C/O Mach V and Parallax. Heavyweight international back-up comes in the form of the Netherland’s DJ Henry, Italy’s Nibbers, and Czech Republic and Meanbucket records supremo, DJ Quime.

ISO BEL presents AURIS

The event will launch with a video art installation, splicing digital 3D modelling, retro aural health education material and crystalline beats c/o Mach V


…and all of this before we’ve even issued a Seriously Hot Venue Warning.

We’ve arranged a special late licence in the heart of Peckham in a warehouse space that has never seen anything like this. Set in the Victorian cricket bat production complex behind the Bussey Building, Copeland Park’s THE NINES will be transforming itself from local underground booze-shanty-du-jour, to a one-off just-about-legal late night warehouse rave-venue-of-choice.