Fri eve 18th may

Ahoy hoy. In my hoose on my own tonight so doing it right with beers, pizza and vidya games. What’re you on with? Anyone doing owt exciting?

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Listening to this a lot:

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Another night another rehearsal. Fourth of the week. Two concerts tomorrow.


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Hey champ :wave:

Your pizza sickness does not bode well for me, got a double cheese and ham :grimacing:

Turn that sigh upside er down? Sounds like you’ve got plenty on man. Are they biggies tomorrow?

feelin’ like a bit of a donnie downer tonight. not going out cus I think I’m working tomorrow, and there’s nothing to do. no football. no basketball

Evening j-boy. Had a few drinks after work and was enjoying a relaxed cycle home with I got a big bastard fly in my eye. Took one hand hand off to try to deal with it and hit a pothole at the same time. Had one of those moments where you think you’re a gonner but somehow managed to stay upright. Chain came off and I gouged a chunk out of my right shin with the pedal. Might invest in some cycling glasses.

Sorry to hear you’re in the doldrums oh King of Ourense. I was supposed to be going on a booze cruise to France tomorrow but my m9’s cancelled last minute so now I’m a bit

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Alright l-girl! Ooft nicely done on not stacking it, could’ve been a lot worse than a shitted up shin from the sounds of things.

Alright Jezza.

Having a parquet courts binge and making bacon and avocado salad. And a single beer

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I’ll come with you!

Also, can I just say how much I enjoy getting email notifications from you


What’s your poison chief? I picked up a couple of new M&S beers today, earl grey pale ale and the cornish saison.

Ha ha I’d forgotten I’d whacked that on the profile :grin:

Was gonna bring back a box of red and white from France too, was quite looking forward to having a few bottles in the house :expressionless:

evening. doing nothing as usual. probably going to watch some shit tv and then read for a bit

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Local one from a brewery in Southampton called Unity. The beer is called Collision and is a “South Coast IPA” - 6.2%. Gonna be really hard not to drink all the tasty Northern Monk beers I have in the fridge

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Are you only having the one because you’re on #babywatch ?

Technically I’m having a third as the TV wanted this one, so she’s having a full half. I might have another one, but yeah, have to be ready for hospital dash at any time.

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Ruddy exciting times though my man! :baby:

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Can you tell your lovely wife that I have today in the sweepstake so if she doesn’t mind…

Yip, me too! Still plenty of time.
@rich-t order a curry!