Fri eve 18th may

Really smashed it out of the park with dessert.


At Car Seat Headrest gig tonight! I’m the oldest one here by about 20 years!


Where’s the gig ma man?

It’s a contest at lunchtime with my old band, then my debut with the new lot at night in Gloucester Cathedral. Tickets for the evening are a fair amount (for a brass band gig) so I guess it’s a biggish thing.

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Reading this back I sound like the intro to ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart.

Ha ha, I’ll have a word, but I think the baby is nice and cosy where it is for a few more days yet

Tired. In a rotten mood. Told someone off at work for doing something stupid (it was stupid tbf), but feeling quite bad.

Gonna have some beers, order afghan food and try cheer up before GF gets home.

Chances are it’ll happen slowly enough that you can have enough time to be ready. You’ll probably call the birthing unit thinking it it is all go and they’ll tell you to give it a while longer.

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Come to see my folks and met with these badboys. :heart_eyes:

Good picture placing

looks like a delicious bongo

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That’s always rubbish. I’m having to move about 20 of my guys hours atm, and that’s making me feel bad, plus issuing a written warning for absence. Luckily I’ll be having a month away from it soon

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Unfortunately I have another hour or so of work to do to wrap everything up before two weeks of holiday.

:white_check_mark: SFPP (one home-topped store-bought base, two Oetkers @ghostpony)
:white_check_mark: being hassled by the ex
:white_check_mark: sitting in my hallway
:negative_squared_cross_mark: have something to do.

Typical Flashinglight Friday Night :+1:

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That sounds grand, good luck with the debut! I’ve been in Gloucester Cathedral before, it’s really beautiful.

oofff 20… puts my issues in perspective

Hate being the bad guy, but I guess its for the best sometimes :frowning:

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Out with it boss, what’s the order?

10’’ thin crust
Standard cheese and tomato base
BBQ Sauce
Green Peppers
Pulled Pork (bonus item)

And I’ve already done 20!

Oh wowsers :heart_eyes:

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