Fri Eve is upon us once more praise be

Already 2 beers in (no more beers in house) and waiting on some GARLIC BREAD!


What a week it’s been, mates! Just been out with one of the dogs, unsure if I was walking her or she was walking me tbh. Gonna have a full body rinse (much needed) and enjoy a Friday evening pizza while watching something silly. Going to sleep IN tomorrow.

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What is in the foil container please?

Doing a bit treatment on my daughter. Out the youngest to bed already. Listening to the clash because I wanted some easy stupid music to listen.

Having miso glazed veg and ramen broth I made in the week for tea, with crispy chicken and veg gyoza for tea. Beers and bed


Had Vietnamese takeaway. Watching Picard, then playing computer games in my pants for the next 48 hours.


Was meant to have chilli but turns out we have no rice.

Quite fancy a fish and chip instead maybe…

Ordered chinese which was pretty average and they forgot my beer. Absolutely freezing in my flat but trying to hold out and not put the heating on. Got some nice new incense that smell like log cabin and got a bunch of blankets. Going to just will myself into believing that im warm and cosy. :fire: :blush:



Heeeeeeey jaggyp and assorted DiSers :wave:

Watching some more “is it Cake” and feeling excited about all the tasty things I got from M&S earlier.

Going to put a selection of beers in the fridge for later and when the tv get back I think I will be ordering some sushi :sunglasses:


Without googling.

What film did this guy appear, nay star, in?

Round two.

Who is this?


Just want to go to bed. When will that be acceptable?!

Hey up my lovelies

Creepy hugs to @Funkhouser

Put the heating on @anon42112221 life is too short

Going to take dog out in a bit then sit with wine and be asleep within an hour. Can’t wait.

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Is that not Scott from 5ive??


It is, i think he looks so different! Id never have got it.

Nor here…

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Out for a pint or two innit :beers:


Can’t be bothered waiting for any entries to round one if I’m honest.

It’s the baby from Honey I Blew Up the Kid, which I’m currently watching and it’s as terrible as we all expect it to be.

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Didnt even know this was a thing tbh :grimacing:

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They make him giant rather than exploding him fyi

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Some kind of cheesy pasta nonsense


Love a bit of cheesy pasta nonsense


Just knocked over a massive lamp in this hotel room and I… think it’s not broken?

Chuck it out the window into the swimming pool to check