fri eve thr

gonna go out for a pint with the only atd who still lives in the old country and try to forget about the horror show that has been this week. gonna have spag bol for tea first tho.


I asked my friend is they were ok which is something I may have never done before.


On the rattler to Westbury. Thankfully only as far as Temple Meads.

Fucking tiring day involving a delivery of trees and stocktaking a load of knives. Going home for a Brian Harvey supper and some Murder She Wrote.

14 mins to GTFO time

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going to a little festival on my own. one of my favourite things to do :blush:


can’t be bothered though


Think I’m on snooker/pool hall guiness pint #5

Bit woozy, should probably go home soon.


Hey cp. Hope you’re doing ok man.

Friday evening will involve doing bathtime and bedtime for kiddo, getting beer and eating tea. Can’t be fucked. Suppose I have 6 working days before a week and a half off clockwatcher

Beers and spag Bol, yaaaasssssss. :+1:


Started so well there :grinning:

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I’m beat after work, would like to go out but I could keel over any minute. Will see some gigs tomorrow instead I think, going to watch ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ now though.

Alright going to eat sausage and mash with my flatmate who doesn’t like anything with any flavour then probably go play pool very badly at a shit pub


Would love to go to the cinema
Pros: -trying to sleep without night nurse so an organic bedtime is needed, woke up at 3am and if i go to see a film i wont crawl into bed at 8
-loads of films to choose from
Cons - i may fall asleep in the cinema
-need to tidy my room anyway
-i love a solo cinema trip but not when the cinema is crowded as its likely to be
-wisdon tooth is flaring up so no popcorn

4 cons, im staying in

hi proffy

:pizza: for dinner

then might watch :no_entry_sign: :scissors: :gem:

still got the sads. this week has also been a total shitty show for me. hugs.

Got work to do, going to find some random obscure sport on TV to watch with dog while I do so. Standard, same thing as every day.

Massive solidarity with everyone who’s having a bit of a shit one, it’s been a tough week.

4 for me. I swear our holiday always matches up.

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At work until 8:30 again, then home for an Aldi pizza and maybe watch a Columbo from my DiS raffle prize.

I could really do with a beer right now.

Half term innit

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