Fri Eve


I’m in a pub on pint no.4 and going to a beer festival. This might not end well. Had boar sausages and mash for tea.


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oooft, was just about to post one of these!!

  • couple tins
  • lentil curry
  • two eps of masterchef
  • go to bed at 10pm


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I went to the cinema/pub yesterday and have a date tomorrow so just mooching tonight, will probably finish reading Ice by Anna Kavan

At my parents so guess I’ll just watch whatever they put on the TV. Or maybe play Zelda.
Will drink a couple of beers.
Going to eat a pasta.

Which beers?

Having a beer and listening to Cake

Going out for Indonesian at a 50 birthday party in a mo

Wish I could go to bed at 10

gotta leave the house by 7 tomorrow morning :open_mouth:

Nothing fancy to be honest. Just had a Barry Island IPA (Brains pretending to do ‘craft’ beer). I do have a Thornbridge cucumber IPA in the fridge though. Could be… alright?

Hello Friday


I reckon I’ve got to take these dickhead ATDs back to Chichester around 8 tomorrow.

Great bunch of wine

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This sounds great!

Watching BBC 6 o’clock news for the first time in yonks, still awful.

Off to meet the boy @keith to see Bridget Christie.

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It’s light…

Got a couple of mates coming over with meze and dessert in tow as well. It gonna be a good night, a good good night.

…but shite?

Gonna fuck up Yu Yevon tonight!


Not really. It’s fine…