How are we all?

Might be getting made redundant…bloody hell

Evening TKC all! Sorry to hear about your redundancy :-1:

Currently blasting the new ‘Wasted Shirt’ album at probably to high of a volume as Mrs NY is working from home, but she hasn’t complained yet.

Beef short ribs in the slow cooker, beer has been cracked, friends coming over later. Looking like top Fridaying so far on this end. Hope everyone has a good one.


playing Kraftwerk really loud and eating extra strong mints


On the bus, found myself on Street View.


Amazing :grinning:


also sorry to hear about your redundancy, didn’t mean to come across as callous was a bit self-absorbed. sorry!

Tis hammering cats and dogs out there. Waiting on a good pal to take me to my first DND sesh. I have wine and beer, there’s talk of pizza, and I have other things to keep me entertained if required. Casts mist of premature optimism


Hey. Been to Waitrose and got some pizza and wine…going to eat and watch some nonsense TV I reckon. Prep for the big Winch meat.


Sorry to hear of the possible redundancy @TKC. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

Very, very long day with plenty of train hell. Pretty sure I saw Imogen Heap on the Central line earlier.

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can’t stop playing this stupid online card game, need help :cry:

I think something like 60% of my entire adult waking life has been spent playing a free online Tetris game


Feeling sleepy from moving around. Karaoke’s about to start at the pub so I’ll listen to that from the living room.

Who was it here who did something weird at a pub once?

All of us?

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Not me I’m always an angel at the pub.

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They took us all downstairs and said we’ll find out in a week. Hopefully be alright as im a manager there but its still shit not knowing

Indian 2nite. Butter chicken, pilau, saag aloo, naan.

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  • going out
  • pub
  • club
  • staying in
  • playing video games
  • watching a film
  • going to a poetry reading (or cultured ‘happening’)
  • having a bath
  • pizza
  • takeaway
  • other

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Having a non alcoholic beer post gym

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Waiting for gf to finish work. Gone pub. Pal meeting me here in a bit. Already feeling the pop a bit. My boiler at home is broken so I’m going anywhere it’s warm.

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