This is not a good time to have no central heating.

No. It’s not. Luckily we can use the shower at my office. But the flat, which is very near the sea (humble brag) is freeeeeeezing

Been out for Japanese food - had 20 pieces of veggie sushi.

I now need to lie down in a dark room for a little bit to compose myself.


Decided were having eggs chips and beans for tea. Got beer from the local brewery and looking forward to chilling out with a mindless TV programme or film.

@TKC soz to hear about the job sitch matee


Gonna have to share the naan and saag aloo. Not fucking happy. Not happy at all, mates

Only relax once I’m done with the gym. It’s literal war when I’m in there :frowning:

Cheers mate (and all else)

Wasnt gonna go out but not im gonna have hooches

My wrist has been absolutely caning all day, think I might finally have developed carpal tunnel. Apparently working 12 days on the trot wasnt a great idea. Amazing it hasnt happened before tbh.

No wanking jokes, thanks.

haven’t had a curry for years but I really want one now :frowning:

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Get a powerball. It sorted me right out when i had that.



Is alright tbf

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My gf is sick of my dinners I think. Because tbh if I had my way it would be chips egg and beans and toast every day


How unfined.

Every person I’ve been in a long term relationship with has been veggie.

Old El Paso fajita kit with tofu every night until the end of time if I’m cooking.

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Tell me about it.

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Mike Carlson has just waked past me with loads of Waitrose bags

The cheek of that man

is he that NFL dude?

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Typical Mike Carlson.


Not sure how doing laundry is gonna help

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Yep. Did the nba commentary for bbc at the olympics too I think

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