Fri Evening Nov. the 29th

Lazy day here so far. Listening to the new Beck record. Pretty hungry.

What ya’ll up to this evening?

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just trying to see if my glasses are worth wearing or not.

Gotta go see if coop sell branston pickle soon.

What’s Beck like these days? Haven’t heard an album since Modern Guilt

At last tea poll

  • Stew
  • Pie and peas
  • Jackfruit tacos

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How’s the new beck record?

This record very synth electro. Some decent tracks, not missing anything.


how’s the board game scene these days man?

On my way to a gig, but I’m going to be late because of the closure of London Bridge. Beginning to think that maybe I should have stayed at home to eat pizza and drink beer in my dressing gown.

Finally made it to the event I’m going to. Been a fairly weird, stressful and scary day if I’m honest. Our building was on lockdown for two hours before police literally shouted up for us to evacuate.

Saw the whole thing. Now on the wine.


What gig?!

Burrito for dinner then going to read my book which I’m enjoying so much in a making me want to write kind of way.

Got accepted on a place management course today, just need to see if I can finance it somehow. Applied on a whim really but think I’ll love it.

Still got a headache. Maybe I’ll just have one forever?

Cult of Luna at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

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A band whose name I have seen about but know nothing about.

hope you can relax soon and glad you are safe :slight_smile:


ooo I want a burrito now.

It’s with ‘This’ chicken substitute too which is quite possibly better than actual chicken

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Got a new car. Nice sexy wee Ford B Max.

Sore as fuck.


you out of hospital now?

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had a great encounter with a small dog this afternoon.

Was sat on the park bench with my mate and this little dog runs up to me with a ball and just dropped it at my feet. Played fetch with her for 5 minutes, kept coming back for more. What a lovely dog. Restores your faith in the world.


I really like uneventful days even though it sounds like he phoned it in. Pantha Du Princey stuff in the background is lush.

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Booked flights to see my sister in law. Bought a pair of electronic toothbrushes. Booked a night in Glasgow and a car to get us the heck out of there for the next day. Did some meditative therapy. Got a fiver for doing some doorstep radio questionnaire made a pasta bake and have earned a lap cat.

Having a few wines this evening, although I’m nervous about drinking too much after being ill all week. Happy weekend x