Fri Evening Thread (let's do this)

Hey folks, just about to leave work here. One hour drive home, stop off for a few items on the way back, then relaxing. Lots of steps in this week so couch is calling my name.

What is everyone else up to this fine evening?






Have R being Have pain about bedtime and I think I might have too much of a headache to have beer. Evening ruined.

So barleysugar has left me to go hang out with his work mates (granted he didn’t want to)
But I still can’t walk that proper from last weekend hurrhurr
Anyway I’m looking forward to zoooooominh later

Nothing is ruined darling. No

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Shit I think I’m pissed. This is now the @fappable thread


evening team, feel like i’ve hardly been on DiS of late. :thinking:

anyway had a tough couple of weeks for various reasons, gonna have a few drinks tonight, make some food and listen to records. already feel better now i have a beer in my hand. :beer:


Just tried to take a sip from the ashtray rather than my drink vestibule :heart_eyes:

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How’s your internet now?

Gf has a friend over for dinner

Hoping to slip away in a bit to do some age of empires campaigns

Why? What happened?

Evening all. Got leftover curry, leftover naan and fresh rice for dinner. Plus wine. Not sure what film to watch? Just going to browse Netflix fruitlessly for a while.



My last one :relaxed:

“Sorry! Off to watch some porn!”


I had the day off today. Had to spend an hour on an interview panel for someone who was really nice and we’ve offered them a job so that’s nice.

Then bought a car, and then spent most of the day in the garden building a base for the playhouse. Looking good. Now got a sore back and looking forward to a film and a beer


Yer man from Fall Out Boy just popped up on this remix album I’m listening to, so that’s my evening ruined.

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Evening all. Finished my first week on early shift (6am-2pm) as a whisky making person. Had a 2.5 hour nap when I got home, so now I’m awake and full of beans and ready to stay up late drinking beer. A semi-hungover sleepin tomorrow should set me up nicely for next week’s 2pm-10pm backshift. Golden :slight_smile:

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Evening. Watching cricket on terrestrial TV. Weird.

Dinner’s in the oven. Got a nice cup of tea. It’s Friday. All plus points.

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