Fri Evening Thread (let's do this)

Yer man from Fall Out Boy just popped up on this remix album I’m listening to, so that’s my evening ruined.

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Doubt I’ll get anything as I haven’t exactly financially lost out, but honestly the whole thing has taken a toll on my mental health too. Having been told outright for two years I would get something that would dramatically improve my quality of life and for them now to day, oops sorry no you don’t.

And they only told me this because I chased it up again. So they’re obviously not notifying anyone of this and just hoping they’ll forget or just be too worn down from fighting them for so long that they just won’t bother.

Evening all. Finished my first week on early shift (6am-2pm) as a whisky making person. Had a 2.5 hour nap when I got home, so now I’m awake and full of beans and ready to stay up late drinking beer. A semi-hungover sleepin tomorrow should set me up nicely for next week’s 2pm-10pm backshift. Golden :slight_smile:

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Evening. Watching cricket on terrestrial TV. Weird.

Dinner’s in the oven. Got a nice cup of tea. It’s Friday. All plus points.

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:pizza: is in the oven (though the dough was too wet so it might not be great).

No :beers: for me, even though I fancy one.

I chime in with a haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn doors

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Just had a curry. :fire:

Beer and soccer. Then TV.

Home alone so gonna go wild (bed by 10)


Always enjoy seeing how active people are.

I’ve not left the house and consider putting a clothes wash on a victory :sweat_smile:


Great! Fast, seems to reach the bedroom dead spot, and having a non-antiquated router means connecting my Switch to the wifi at last which is very exciting!


Making a bastardised version of Tom Yum chicken with various other bits. Listening to Jeffery Lewis and drinking wanker beer. So pretty standard evening really


The new king of Chinese right here



Ngl, is pretty banging

I’m a dimwit and posted in the day thread.

Think it’s takeaway tho

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@fappable solidarity leg pain

The Child has decided she likes Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ as one of her disco songs, except she calls it ‘Barney Girl.’


Spent the day being dad obvs as well as getting some snaps of our sofa and travel system - selling a load of shit and that.

The house is a mess, I’m meant to be concocting some kind of prawn chorizo pasta thing but I’m this close to just ordering a kebab cause I have no class.

Might get pissed. Need to do my press-ups first though.

What happened

Seriously can’t wait til it’s socially acceptable to do zoom. I’m massively depleted this week from human interaction and I need it

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