Fri flippin' I day

Cannot wait for 8 hours time.

How about u huns?


Morning Slickster!

Got woken up way too early by some roadworks or something?? Very loud it was. Now about to get up and finish my final preparations before leaving the city for a few weeks! Have been going slowly insane stuck alone in this flat lately so a change of scenery will definitely be good. Feels very very strange that I’m going on an actual plane today though.

I hope your 8 hours pass quickly and pleasantly! :sparkles::sparkles:


Going to the garage in a sec for the privilege of forking out large wads of my cash for car parts. Then work.

Morning Slicky &etc

Was gonna have a day off and go to my studio today (I’d planned every Friday off this month to use up my remaining holiday days before April 1) but I went and opened my emails on my mobile when I woke up so…that isn’t happening now. Hopefully I get to have the afternoon off

There was an absolute blizzard here yesterday btw so everything is under about 40cm-1m drifts of snow and things blown over all about the place - I just live, laugh, love the Swedish springtime

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Daughter’s first day back at school today, my wife will be at work this afternoon…the first time I will have been alone in the house since early January. Ngl, much as I love them, I am really looking forward to it


Day off today. Might buy a microphone.

We’ve got plumbers in changing the pipes in our whole building, so we have to use the bathroom outside. 2 nights ago we got an email from the head of our building community, forwarding an email from the project manager.


Spent yesterday trying to a) understand what he was saying that we’d done, where he’d thought we’d done a shit where we shouldn’t have done a shit and b) CLEAR OUR NAMES! Managed to do the latter, not sure I achieved the former, now it just makes me laugh every time I read it. It’s a bold accusation!


Oh great, it’s raining/drizzling now - massive slush melt everywhere

Morning Slicky, WR, Rich, BITT, Hoogy, ssf and the rest of you. The Jonathan Meades book that I put the money down for last year has just arrived from Unbound and it’s absolutely enormous. (Banana for scale.) Might make a start on its near-1,000 pages before my shift later on.

Other than that, just hoping the rain holds off so that the high winds blow my washing dry.


Are you going into town or be this a purchase on ye olde world wide web?

The second I drop the car off it starts pissing down. So an hour to wait outside in the rain. Yay?

Happy Fruffday everyone, its tremendously wet here. After a hilariously busy week I have a relatively light day today so I might do some music stuff!

Woke up hungry

Woke up at 5am. Grumpy.

You’re the culvert shitters from now on.


Morning all!

I’m teaching a short class about sitcoms before lunch.

I’ve got some non-contact outdoor football training booked for later.


Er, so what did happen?

Morning all,

really got to get motivated to do a load of case work updates for work. Two teas down, kids sorted and not feeling it. May watch ash vs evil dead 1st to get me in the HR mood.

Hope y’all have a wonderful day. Try and take in the magic of something simple in the world x

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How dark is the outside toilet? or how dark do the culverts get?

Wait this is a culvert.

So is there an open pipe somewhere that someone’s shat directly into for convenience (or banter)

Then the poor old plumber has maybe had to do some work in there and got pooey? I dunno.

Won’t someone please think of the dark culvert?