Fri flippin I night


Gonna get an Indian takeaway!!! Unbelievably excited. Then gonna while away the hours on this fine forum with you lovely people

What are you all up to x


Evening tilts. What’s your order?

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Evening Tilty, Laelfy, the rapidly approaching safebruv. I am working for the next [checks clock] three hours and 50 minutes, when I’ll crack open a beer and my new Jonathan Meades book.


Cross posting from the beer thread but I’m bundabusting


Good evening!

Watcha ordered?

Not had a Local Indian for ages. Gonna have one next Friday or Saturday I think.

I’m just about to make a chilli for dinner. Nothing else interesting to report. Might end up walking up the offy to get a couple of beers.

I had an evening thread started and then this arrived:

My day has been pretty shitty since The Child got sent home with her cough and I’ve spent the rest of the day starting arguments with more senior staff.

The takeaway has done something to lift my mood.


We’ve got a Shoryu ramen kit for tonight’s dinner. Unbelievably excited for it. Then might make him indoors watch a Japanese film but we watched one last night which we both didn’t enjoy that much so :grimacing:

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Is that doing delivery?

We’re having ratatouille, which is delicious AND nutritious, and then prob watch something.

Gotten into trying to write creative non-fiction recently though which is very fun and also a genre I was largely not aware of until recently!

The ice cream van has just pulled up outside. Has she not seen the weather?

Evening tilts :wave:

Evening everyone :wave:


Evening all. Domino’s just arrived. Like a big dick I forgot to select Italian crust, didn’t I?

Gonna make chana masala tomorrow so not too jealous of all your Local Indians (that much)

What a scary sentence

Yeah, but look what he arrived with. Food and beer. Two of my favourite things.


Takeaway TBC, beer TBC, film TBC

So much potential

This is on Sky Arts again at 11 tonight. Highly recommended.


I see a disturbing lack of okra fries there, friend


I’m in bed watching trash tv. Sooooo tired I might try and go to sleep early (but can guarantee I won’t be able to fall asleep).

Got falafel for dinner. Very jealous of all the Indian takeaway chat.

The boy is rocking a new spiderman onesie. Happy Friday lovely people.


Pizza and belated RPDRUK innit