Fri Fri Friday Evening

Hi, how’s it gone, how’s it going, what’s ahead?

Tried to distract from current awfulness by getting Christmas out, R is pretty happy with that :slight_smile: had pizza.

About to brave bedtime, hoping it will be less of a nightmare than it had recently.

Standard Friday night of Star Trek Disco, beer, and Low live stream which I am hoping will be the start of thrm doing Christmas songs :crossed_fingers:


Hoping for a smooth bedtime for you. I’m hoping our wee yin gets on with his dinner and gets into bed with the minimum of fuss.

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The actual sky here about an hour ago. Lovely stuff.

About to go out and give blood, which means I can’t have the beer I really want. Will I still be in the mood for it when I get back? Watch this space.


Evening. Finished work and was all :tada: it’s Friday but then I realised it’s dark and cold and you still can’t do anything in Scotland so…

I’ve ordered Taco Bell which I haven’t had before. Going to wrap a few more presents (trying to do a few every night no it’s not the usual awful slogfest)

Mrs numbers is having a friend over to watch Elf (one of the worst films i’ve ever seen, who wants to watch will ferrell shouting for 2 hours?) and Bad Santa (never seen it, probably shit though) so I’m going to hide up here and probably post shit on here.

Got 7 rose plants to…plant tomorrow, and making sushi, then on Sunday we’re meeting our hopefully new dog. Should probably get a roast in at some point too.

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getting a local indian
biryani cos I wanted something healthy but then ordered samosas and bhajis and a can of coke anyway


Don’t mind elf, it’s alright but bad santa is actually good.

Is it as good as jingle all the way?

Changed the lightbulbs in the kitchen so we have more than one working finally and it’s far too bright.

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It’s so cold here (1 degree). Having lasagne for dinner and got some red wine too. I’m still working so not celebrating Friday yet.

I’m going to buy our Christmas tree tomorrow so looking forward to that.

Friday night Chippy tea and got a load of strongbow blackcurrent might finally watch parasite tonight since it’s been on my watch list for at least a month.


Hate when that happens. Had to change the bulb in my bathroom recently so I wasn’t showering in pitch black and was horrified at the state of it. Genuinely contemplated unscrewing the new bulb rather than getting the marigolds out.


This has put me in a pretty good mood for the eve.
Gonna have a couple beers and watch low


Might just go around the house with a head torch on to avoid this in future.

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Evening all

Seem to have had a £1,000ish credit card bill silently written off by Barclaycard; should be relieved but feel a little bit on edge. I knew they’d been involved in some kind of scheme to refund people who’d been charged a lot during times of financial difficulty, which they’d done to me (the bill was closer to £3k for about two years and I never chipped away at it, just paid interest and it stayed stagnant)

Be amazing if the banks were planning widespread debt relief for people for a little Covid-19 xmas relief PR boost. We can but dream, eh


Pie, chips and beans for tea. Shit day and now my knee hurts again.

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“You’re so profoundly sad”
“No, it’s just my people were Nordic”



I like Coldplay’s Christmas song

Evening/afternoon. Finishing up work writing a few last minute reports, drinking an afternoon whiskey (will go back to beer after however), listening to the newest Sigur Ros.

Probably going to drink and listen to records all day for a nice change of pace.

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