Fri. Morn the 10th of January 2020

Good morning!

Why am I still up, I really have no idea. This is what happens when Mrs NY goes away on business.

Currently in a wormhole listening to the great Yo La Tengo. I would like to know what you fabulous folks have planned for your Friday mornings. Me I have the day off tomorrow so hopefully going to sleep in late (5:30am) would be glorious, but we will see.

I hope you all have a wonderful friday!


you got this man, plow through its almost the weekend!


Morning NY, all

Glad I caught autocorrect there - it went with ‘moronic.’ That would have been a mean and uncalled for and no way to greet anyone of a morning.

I’m getting the super early train so I can go drinking and galavanting at a noisy noise gig tonight. Feeling surprisingly awake and chipper, possibly because I woke up at 3am convinced I’d been asleep for way longer and missed my alarm. Been serenely dozing since.

Hope you’re all well, and that once you’ve finally been to bed NY you wake up feeling fresh and lovely. Or as fresh and lovely as one can at 5.30am anyways. Staying up late listening to Yo La Tengo is a cracking use of an evening anyhow.


Please disclose is Merzbow in town? :rofl:

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Captain Headache reporting for duty.

WFH but think I’ll have to go back to bed for a little but once I’ve dropped M off at nursery or my head might explode.

Anti war protest tomorrow then tour on Sunday.

Good morning Scout! I am going to manifest that your headache goes away today and you will have yourself and easy Friday! Hope all is well.


Nothing that renowned - and I should have said ‘noise rock’ tbf. Dunno much about the bands but a mate of mine is putting them on and it’s free so I expect it’ll be a fun and messy evening. His shows usually are!

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Still ill. Off work today

Thats fantastic! I hope you and your friends have a great time! BTW 1/24/2020 massive releases for ambient music. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop :grinning:


Hello rich! I hope you feel better soon and I’m glad you have the day off!

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Cheers NY! :grinning:

Excellent news - you always bring the goods in the ambient thread! I’m still catching up with 2019 - listened to the exceptional Olga Wojciechowska record earlier in the week which would have trouble my AOTY list of I’d heard it sooner. So much talent around at the minute!

Oh what a record. Hey you got married and you branded your sauces, music can always take a back seat to that my friend!


Baby slept 12 hours straight. Rejoice!


What are the chances! Two ambient lovers up early. Good to see you Aphex! Hope you got some well deserved sleep and its the selfie Friday thread need more posts of the little adorable one. Hope everything is well in your world!


I did thanks! Been feeling a bit wiped out recently so this was much-needed. Will see if I can get a nice snap with her before work!

On the ambient side of things, got my first printed-in-a-magazine review yesterday :blush: New EP (some of which you listened to before…) out at the end of the month!


a) can I please read said article B) when is that gem of a record coming out?? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

EDIT: I need specific dates so I can write it down

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We are all going to get through this day together and make it a glorious weekend! Good to see you in the socials, more posting here please!


Have had a pretty terrible week, working until 10 or 12 every night. Although it’s primarily my own laziness before Christmas which is to blame for this state of affairs. Did get heavily into the Nivhek album one night, so every cloud…

The worst is over now and will be finishing at five on the dot today before heading to Scotland for a mate’s wedding tomorrow.

Morning @NeilYoung and everyone else.

I have to get a train into London, to attend a meeting that I don’t want to be at. I just want to stay at home with the dogs.

CLP meeting tonight.

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Today is my Monday and my first full day working with my idiot colleague in nearly 3 weeks, plus A is ill and I want to stay at home and use that as an excuse to do nothing but make her the occasional tea all day.