Fri. Morn the 10th of January 2020

Sorry your week has been bad, but you know what its almost over, and your going to a mates wedding! Nothing better than seeing a great friend tie the knot to the one he/she loves eh? Plow through today, because its celebration ahead. Cheers!


Your going to go to this meeting and kill it weeber! Then your going to come home and play with your beautiful dogs all weekend! And dont forget about Little Reggie coming 1/19. You got this!


You got this funky! The work day is going to fly by and your going to be home with the Mrs soon, you know she loves you for the great person you are. This day will fly by and you will see her sooner than you imagine. Let’s do this!

and please start a fridays bangers thread when I wake up


Have you thought about a career as a motivational speaker NY?!


Haha actually Mrs NY is one is why I’m trying.

EDIT: I told her I want to be more like @Gnometorious in the new year dead serious. She knows all about my internet friends, she likes the gnome the best for her constant positivity. So I’m trying to imulate the great gnome this year!


2:45 am ffs

Will photograph my copy when I’m back home :slight_smile:

Jan 31st for the EP!


and here is the wonderful wileycat! How are you this morning? Is willow not the cutest thing ever or what? I mean :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Nevermind sascha who might be the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. Hope your friday flies by and your weekend goes great. Need pics of the beautiful doggies in the dog thread this weekend please!


Nothing wrong with cheap wine. Decadent on some lazy night’s. I hope you have a great friday and enjoy your reading!


On the train to one of Ireland’s top ten shitholes, Tullamore. Have to go to a seminar for college there. Stonking hangover too, my brother and I got pretty drunk last night at his gaff.

I know of Tullamore its comes in the Dew fashion around here! :grin: That train is going to fly by and you’ll be there in no time my friend! Bet you had a cracking time with the bro drinking tins and watching “The Thing” to! Great night! Hope you have yourself a safe trip and enjoy your weekend pal!


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Thanks NY! A chap I work with used to work in the distillery for Tullamore Dew in the eighties, there’s many a yarn he could spin about that. Just looking forward to getting through the day and getting hime to my GF now!

You got this! You’ll be seeing her in all due time my friend. Cheers!

Ok folks I’m going to take a quick sleep. I’ll be with you all shortly. Remember its Friday we all GOT this, be good to each other and let this day fly by so we get to the weekend!

Love you all. Continue posting. :heart_eyes:


:thinking: :alien:




Ohh ffs I WAS going to go to sleep but look at that little booper. I hope your friday is an easy one guntrip, make sure to watch some films this weekend!


U on the eccies pal


Is this scottish for coors light? Then yes I am. :grinning: How are you? I hope your friday goes by smoothly and eases right into this weekend!

and lets not forget its @ericVI BDAY today! Happy bday eric!