Fri(ttata)day Lunch thread

Ooooh and add pics


Just having one of those because we’re going out for a curry tonight (and I need to make sure I fit my suit on Sunday)

I don’t know eric. I just don’t know :frowning:

  • work canteen
  • work pizza
  • work meal deal
  • go in to town :confused:

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how would you rate the general quality of your canteen/10?

i say it’s friday: go to town (both figuratively and also literally) and treat yoself


its average. alright meal for under a 5er. so (5.8/10)

problem with town is - people. and I don’t even know what Id get from there :confused: deffo need to eat though has on the :beers: after work :expressionless:

Had crayfish tail bun from holy crab. Don’t like crayfish as a rule but I like it from there. Felt like a good seaside lunch. Still hungry though.

Sidenote: need to get back on the vegan wagon soon


I am so into the sound of that. Been on a major seafood kick lately

It’s pretty simple so probably a bit pricey but actually tastes like fresh fish, not weird plastic soap or whatever crayfish I’ve had before tastes like.

Thanks Eric / Theric :pray:

Viet shack 8.6/10


oooft the lad’s played a blinder there

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Just discovered the curry isn’t booked until 8.30.

Gonna be fucking starving. Might need a Friday afternoon snack in a bit.

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Keep us updated

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Just had a couple of smashed up jammie dodgers at my nan’s house.

Probably something else to follow later on.

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Not much lunching going on today eh

fucking shite effort tbh. any snacks going on?

Quorned beef pastie

It’s 2nd lunchtime!

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Flamin’ nora!

Hard to pass when it’s 28p!