Fri YAY Eve (inc. bangers)

Please also post how you are, what you’re eating, your favourite colour and your pin number ty


A bit tired
Quiche, chips and beans
Navy blue

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Also drinking the Faith in Futures ipa from Northern Monk, somehow it’s 6.5%. Surprisingly light, properly dangerous.

Oh, and you wanted a banger too. Here’s a brand new one


I should be at the pub but I had to cancel as I’ve got too much work to finish by Monday. Urgh sucks.

I am having pizza pt.2 for dinner so I’ve got that going for me.

Take your work to the pub! (I know that feel, my diss is in by 17th and think I’ve done a page at best)



Feel knackered.


Going to watch the football. Might have an early night and watch the 2nd half in bed tbh.


I’m watching the big banger theory

I’m fine
Just had chicken stir fry with peanutty coconut sauce and Thai crackers
Greeny blue

Haha I’d probably spill beer over my laptop and lose my entire PhD (I should back that up!). It’s the right decision but I’m sulking about it :laughing:

How many words is your dissertation?

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Oh my yes pls

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evening Ruffdawg and assorted Drowned in sounders,
Feeling pretty decent, been a long week.
Think i’ll phone for a pizza later. :thinking:


15k. I don’t want to do it the day before, but my brain will likely not let me until then. Ah well!

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I’m a bit tired but looking forward to a beer later.
Ate this earlier and now feel a bit sick.

Colour right now is probably a deep blue.
Pin is none of your fizzness.


Oh my god back it up right now or I’m never going to be able to relax again


…the PhD work


Please back up your work to the cloud straight away. I will be reminding you every day.

I’ve got a dead hard drive I need to send off for recovery because I’m a fool, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else

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Dropped shopping round to Dr Mrs Epimer’s rude friend, who has covid, and she was all “don’t COUGH worry, I tested negative SPLUTTER today”

Ok. Going to stand over here anyway.

We should ALL back that up

Honestly do everything on google docs anyway so I can chuck shit in there on my phone when I’m on the bus #trueacademic

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Tired. Bored. Youngest threw ribena everywhere at his brother like an F1 driver winning something.
PIN number is the year of my birth 1999