Fri-yay morning thread



remember remember the 4th of november

any of youse going to see fireworks tomorrow? I am.:fireworks:

what else you up to?


i am not
stayed at work til 10:30 last night, back in at 8:30 this morn
got a terrible case of the epimer’s from the indian food i had last night
not great tbh, not great


Happy Friday Japes.

I’m not seeing fireworks tomorrow, but I am seeing The Wave Pictures. Also going on the monthly Mikkeller run in Sheffield (6k run, starts and ends at a beer shop, free beer and cake when you finish). Will probably have a run after work tonight. Then football sunday


ate too much Vietnamese food last night.


was hard work this morning


that sounds like a race I could really get in to


I am seeing Tim Hecker tonight for some reason (really don’t enjoy him live), might go to firework tomorrow


I am yeah! Today is rounding off the worst week of work ever, so I will be getting totally smashed tonight.

Friday: playing in a Rhys Chatham performance and then DJing. Drinking hard.
Saturday: Playing football, then watching Oxford United on TV and going to see fireworks with my sister and niece. Potential 10/10 day right there.
Sunday: Sleeping, sorting out some house stuff probably. Fighting Monday dread.


doesn’t cost anything to get involved in either, which seems odd, guess most people who go buy a few beers there once they’ve had the freebie


urgh got this really terrible essay due this afternoon, half way through it and it’s shite


Gonna get right on with FM17 - lock the door, pretend I’m dead.

Do need to do some washing and clean up a bit some time this weekend, though


just think how good it will be after you hand it in


morning j-man,

got the funaeral of the best teacher i ever had later this morn :frowning:
pretty wee day after that, and got a pal up from london for a fleeting visit tonight.

the tv came back last night about 1am, absolutely steamin, fell into bed, muttered something obscenely suggestive, then ran to the bathroom to throw up for 20mins, hot! :slight_smile:


A morning of tremendous highs and lows so far.


  • Ran to work this morning. Always feels good.
  • Saw a kingfisher whilst running along the canal. Beautiful bird, always a good spot.


  • Got a paper rather than card ticket on the train. It is very nearly 40cm in length. Obscene.
  • Had to unblock the drain in the work shower before I could use it. Recoiled twice at the horrific odour before being able dislodge enough disgusting matted hair and fuck knows what to take a shower.
  • Forgot to carry clean pants and socks with me to work. Fortunately yesterday’s ones were in the bottom of my bag. Still, not keen on 2 day old pants tbqh.


Going round to a mate’s house after work, a few of us are having board games and (hopefully) takeaway.
Sat: Staying over at said mate’s house as we’re off to Go Ape tomorrow. After that we’re off to the in-laws for fireworks and cake.
Sun: Watching husband do a 10k in Leeds that I’d signed up for but my knee is buggered still. Then watching I Daniel Blake.


so psyched for


trains are on strike as well so hopefully it won’t be TOO busy

also going to buy a new bag and a running headtorch today at lunch!



They’ve started installing a new fire alarm system in my halls and the drilling is really loud. It’s like they want meto get out of bed and do some work or something.


funerals are always hard, nice of you to go. I completely lost contact with all my teachers the minute I was out the door.


That’s a disturbing photo, budgie.

KKK members with record collections.


Morning all

Survived my first day back yesterday. No fireworks tomorrow but we’ve got fireworks tonight :fireworks: and then we’re going to a farmers’ market tomorrow to get some nice food :honey_pot::tomato::hot_pepper: and maybe a few Christmas presents. Cooking butter chicken for Mrs CCB tomorrow night.

Had a chat with my dad last night, who is bearing up and getting all the bits and pieces sorted that he needs to. My daughter has been sending him letters and stories and things on a near-daily basis to help cheer him up, bless her.


only seen him once but usually bored shitless by “live” laptop music but when i was there it was so loud and i think i went on some kind of vision quest through ice caves in my mind