what you up to?

Not much. hbu?

gonna drink wine and get a pide this evening and watch the giro highlights

i forgot to bring any knickers to work today so i’m just wearing my bib shorts as underwear :ok_hand:


went out my way to a different supermarket on the way in to work to find some interesting coffee for a change and then realised i got a bag of that pact stuff delivered yesterday that i have forgotten to grind and bring in to work.

what a boring story. how are you?

Literal plastic (lycra?) knickers.

Good work.

We have a tiler doing our kitchen floor and it’s taking ages.


what pide

Today’s the third of four consecutive work days so it’s my, er, oh fuck it it’s Friday.
Going to go out to a punk gig tonight and try not to get too drunk. Having said that tomorrow I’m in the office all alone so I’ll probably be ok to sit around hungover in my pants watching tv.

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Real answer: might get a pizza in tonight. No plans for tomorrow. Off to that Norwich on Sunday to play in a qualifier for a tournament to win flights and accommodation to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!! (which are in Minnesota in November and that I don’t actually want to go to anyway).

Mmmm a state that borders Canada, in November, lovely.

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saw japandroids last night. it was v good and now my ears hurt coz i was too close to the speakers and like an idiot i didnt use earplugs. also they were on at like 20 past 8 which is insanely early, i had got home, walked the dog and made a cup of tea by half 10

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Morning everyone.

I am ‘working’. Making powerpoint presentations look less shit all day, so I’ll mostly be taking the edge off with new ATDI and LCD Soundsystem.

Off to see Spamalot tonight as my mate’s playing in it.

undecided yet

here’s the menu

what another glorious morn in glasgow,

an ATD text me earlier says he wants to go for a drive after work, so he’s gonna drive, i’m gonna get road beers and we’re gonna get stoned and drive up to loch lomond and listen to lots of bob dylan, canny wait :slight_smile:
and i’m off to see dylan on sunday night woo-hoo!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hundreds of miles from anything vaguely interesting, too.

Also, as much as it’s very much my shtick on here, I don’t actually care about Netrunner enough to take an eight hour flight to play it.

did you not beat some like world champ or something recently?

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Taking the TV for a mystery meal out tonight as he’s been sad about work lately. Booked this new sushi place that’s meant to be really good.

Needed a travel hairdryer so I’ve treated myself to a GHD one even though I don’t really deserve it, it’s arriving today :grin:

Got a rare free weekend so gonna do a load of dull stuff I’ve been putting off like getting my proxy vote sorted and putting stuff on Freecycle


Not much either
All i know is i am very very hungry

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Nah, I took one casual game off the guy who came second, once. I’m not on the same level as those guys really.

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You seem alright at it tbf, tournament would be a sham without you.


Day off.

Leftover pizza for breakfast.

Dentist at 11, then gonna see my Nan for a bit while I’m in that neck of the woods - so that’ll be egg and chips for lunch :slight_smile:

Do some hoovering and etc this afternoon and then making burgers for dinner