Fri yay?


Morning all. My first ever morning thread.

I’m on a tram already, going to a networking event. It snowed on me. Not impressed.

So, standard practice: how are we all, what are we up to today?


Morning @dillingerswheelman

Today’s plan is to try and do as little as possible whilst at work. Then off to Southampton for a bit of Christmas shopping, dinner and a beer or 2. Could do without Southampton tbf, pretty knackered.



Shit nights sleep
WFH so may nap :man_shrugging:


Congrats @dillingerswheelman, for a first-ever morning thread this is pretty solid introduction to the genre.

8.2 BNM


On the Overground to work currently. A lot of disruption at work today and so I’ll head in far earlier than I’d like. Shit day ahead.

We have our own unofficial Christmas party from my previous workplace tonight and so something to look forward to. Have a great day everyone.


OK then real answer.

Tonight I am going to be cleaning.
Tomorrow morning I am going to be doing my last taekwondo grading in Australia (going for 3rd kup, just 2 from black belt).
Tomorrow night I am going to see Pissed Jeans, Batpiss and Kitchen’s Floor at The Foundry, three amazing bands.
Sunday morning I am taking photos of things to sell on Gumtree.
Sunday night I am meeting up with a couple of friends to have a barbie in the park.


Today was sort of a win-win situation: either go in and work graduations (quite easy and quite fun for decent pay) or be kept home by the snow. Emailed to say I’ll have to stay home, though am somewhat bummed out cause I dug it as an opportunity to meet new people and whatnot.


Good luck with the grading. I’ve been one belt away from black belt for over a decade now. I sometimes joke that I’m the Kevin Shields of my local Taekwondo club and nobody knows what the fuck I’m talking about.


Thanks man. To be fair, the last one is the BIG one with the board breaking and everything. Plenty of black tips at our club who’ve been that way for ages and seem to be happy never going any further.


Morning. On the train to London for a meeting then a Christmas lunch. I’ve been asked to take the minutes for the meeting and I’m unreasonably terrified. Off for a coffee with a pal after but if anyone’s at a loose end around Kings Cross between 6 and 8pm and fancies a drink giz a shout.

Saw Hotelier and some of Cloud Nothings last night but the trains were fucked so we had to leave about 5 songs into Cloud Nothings’ set. Met @blobcow who was a thoroughly nice chap.


Any chance you could use your phone as a dictaphone to ease your nerves incase you miss anything?


Yeah I’m gonna do that, should be fine really, I just get stressed when I’m being relied on for anything at all


Morning gang

Been awake since 5ish for some reason

Finally got over the worst of my shitty cold and celebrated with a few beers last night

WFH today - got 5 X 13/ 14 year old boys coming for a birthday sleepover this evening. Can’t decide whether to make myself scarce or get involved with the video games, pizza and action movies. Suspect they would prefer the former but I’ll get bored in my bedroom with just a book and my phone for company





Fucking oath


Morning all

WFHing again today. Slept a bit craply but never mind! Might give the car a bit of a tidy / clean at lunchtime.

There’s no snow just yet.

Is this the day when Bamnan’s Big Picture will be revealed?


It’s quite cold in my bedroom but I’m quite toasty in my bed. Got a lot to do today but no need to be up for the next hour.


Need to go to work don’t I. Slept right through to my alarm for the first time in months, yessss

Tonight: Penge CC Christmas Party. Featuring awards and karaoke, jfc

Tomorrow: DIY, paint-picking, bike-cleaning

Sunday: meant to be leading a bike ride but the weather looks terrible


have to go buy summat for dinner and head into town to drop off some proof of address for a new job i’ve got. might have a coffee. trying to walk everywhere too, haven’t had much proper exercise this week. also need some new e-cig stuff. tempted to buy a new frying pan.

thrilling :roll_eyes:


Have you heard weird machine noises the last few nights? Like the gardeners are outside but at midnight?

Might just be me/my neighbours making the noise, or I’ve lost the plot.