FRIDAY 12th Feb thread...

Morning. At work, coffee is good, not going to crash, no sir…

Back to it, yappy Friday folks.


Lockdown returns here in Melbourne at 11.59pm.

As such, because one of the guys is living with his sick dad, we had to cancel the first in-person D&D for a year :cry:

Next Friday is my mate’s birthday so that is likely a dead loss too.

Morning. At work already. Last day today before 10 off. Can’t bloody wait. Got a beer delivery arriving and I’m gonna chill out with the family.


Morning. Last day before half term. Literally can’t wait.

@midnightpunk love that song and the way it reminds me of Mr Bean’s holiday movie :star_struck:


Taking the car in to the garage. Given lockdown I’m going to have to just wander the streets (in sub zero temperatures) while it’s in.

Still, nice sunrise this morning.



Look at that sky!

Have to go in to do a 60 question written exam on track safety along with a practical assessment this morning. Exciting stuff!

At least that means it’s a shortish day, not that there’s much to do after work anyway.



Sky is also on fire here.
Working again. TFIF, probably :man_shrugging:

Feel a bit down for some reason. Need to slap myself about a bit and cheer the frig up.

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No exciting sunrise here. Or maybe I already missed it.

I had a dream where we had a new kitchen fitted, but instead of fitting it in the kitchen they put it in the corner where I work, and took apart my mouse for some electrics they needed. What could it all mean?


Funky Monday and I slept horribly :frowning:

Good morning @midnightpunk @1101010 @rich-t @Slicky @weeber @urbanfox @Matt_was_taken @rob.orch @anon19035908 and everyone posting below :arrow_down:

I know that there’s not much planned for the weekend and it’s February and it’s freezing and all the snow has turned to slushy ice but I am so glad it’s Friday. We’re going to get Chinese tonight as a family end-of-half-term treat.

And in spite of the snow, it’s feeling quite bright this morning - definitely feels like once the temperatures warm up next week, spring will be on its way.

So here’s the :sunny: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sunny: this morning:

:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:19 17:10 09:50:43 +3:40
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:44 17:10 09:26:20 +4:24
King’s Lynn
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:20 17:05 09:44:24 +3:51
Salcombe, Devon
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:31 17:28 09:56:49 +3:29

Neighbour’s alarm has been on for 5 mins snoozed for 10 since 6:30.

Last night there were presumably new year fireworks at midnight somewhere nearby.

The night before someone spent 5 minutes furiously banging on a neighbour’s door at 3am.

Feeling very slow today.

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Morning all!

Slept adequately but absolutely cannot be cba with today, even though I haven’t got much work to do.

New washing machine getting delivered today. Legitimately the most exciting thing to happen in… a year.


I think your brain is telling you less work more eating is on the cards today.

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We had this excitement with a toaster last week


Many happy returns

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Urggh why is it so hard to get up.

Remember to wish them a happy new year!

We’re getting a mealbox from My Neighbour The Dumplings tonight to celebrate.


oh…we kept it.