Friday 13th Daily Thread (spook)



Hardly anyone in the office today.

0% chance of rain my app said. IT RAINED I WAS IN A T-SHIRT.


meeting my bf’s dad for the first time later and for some reason I’m feeling really body conscious/ worried about being fat. can’t find anything that I look nice in. so ridiculous cause obviously it doesn’t matter but it feels like there’s some expectation that I should be seeking approval.

can anyone suggest a nice pub near to Peckham Rye train station?


Dunno if I mentioned but I get to meet my niece today. Everything else can fade into oblivion tbh.

It’s also the last day of my twenties.


dont get the title

happy friday




hmm well its not friday the 13th and I doubt its the 13th daily thread sooo…?


On a half-day, then going to some sort of Oktoberfest beer thing this evening, which I suspect will be very overcrowded and quite shit.

Got about a pint of tea though, and just had scrambled eggs.


If it’s the one in the 'Bridge, lower your expectations. Unless you’re a big fan of groups of lads in ironic Lederhosen.


Once again I’ve been fucked over by my past self.


Sack it off after twenty minutes and go to the Portland, imo.


“Righto chums, shall we schlep to the other side of town for some Greene Kings?”


Oh is it not on Jesus Green this year? Maybe it’s a different one then. Might be less shit then.


Ah, I know the one you mean. No, it’s over by the big dirty church at the top of hills road and organised by yer man from your local wanky booze shop.


John the Unicorn
The Montpelier
The Victoria Inn (bit shit imho but still fine)


Aha. Then it’ll be full of Guardian-reading dads in authentic Lederhosen. Much better.



It’s DiS Bike Dorks Weekend!

I will be:

leaving work early to collect a bike wheel from the shop and then @Aggpass from the pub
eating pizza for dinner
going to the pub
doing some bike
doing some more pub



Isn’t that literally every weekend?

hope you have fun


Surely people aren’t big enough twats to actually put Lederhosen on for this? Oh god.


The shirt I’m wearing has dried avocado on the sleeve from when an avocado slipped from my grasp while cutting it and it looks like snot


Going to the dentist for the third time in five weeks today then I’m gonna drown my dental sorrows in tea at a nice cafe to cheer myself up afterwards.