Friday 13th Daily Thread (spook)

IT issues mean that I won’t be able to do any work for the next hour I’d say. Going to email the county archaeologist and see if she can send any voluntary work my way.

Might go and see the mighty O Emperor play one of their last shows tonight. Capacity of the room they’re playing in is fifty so it’ll be touch and go getting tickets for it.

Foxes were out and about round my house again last night. Top ladz.


Do you know a nice Thai place?


Not in Munich, though.

  • Snot
  • Cum
  • Avocado
  • Jesus Christ, wash your fucking shirt bergkamp!

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That sounds brilliant (bar the cold and the Malaysian lady not dealing with it well.) I wonder what kind of food you’ll get later?

I saw one the other day when I was visiting a council site on an island in the harbour. Apparently the fox swam out there and has the whole island to itself. Top fox life.

So near, so Eurostar.


Sounds like a living nightmare to me tbh, but that’s why I’m not an intrepid international traveler extraordinaire.

I personally do not think you need the word “train” here


A better nights sleep from Jimbo last night, although it did take him till almost 10.30 to get to sleep which cancels it all out really. Off to a record shop and some art this morning, with some beach action planned for later.

Into hour 11 of 19 of my coach journey home. My seat partner has left so I can manspread for at least the Antwerp - Bruges leg. So excited to see the TV :blush:

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I’m working from home today, which means sitting in the kitchen listening to music all day with cups of tea and replying to an email once every half hour so it looks like I’m busy. Got the new Marissa Nadler album on which lovely.

I think that means you can sue the app people.

Would like to let people know that due to popular demand I have washed the sleeve of my shirt.


Hello. I saw Lets Eat Grandma last night and drank a lot of pints pre and after. Finish at 12 and going to the pub again. Can only end well.

Sunset was nice last night, wasn’t it?


Picking up a hire car at midday for the weekend. The local Europcar at the station has temporarily closed which means I have to get to the one at Bletchley which is either a 3 mile hike from the office, a train to Bletchley and then a 1.5 mile hike, or a cab.

Load of old bollocks.

Look at all those chemtrails :open_mouth:

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Bike: cleaned
Hair: cut
Coffee: imbibing
Banter: prepped