Friday 13th ♠️


Morning all.
Leaving work at 12 to travel up to Leeds for a work jolly; looking forward to it - bit of a rarity.
What you got?


What’s the spade got to do with Friday 13th?

Pretty sad there isn’t a hockey mask Emoji. We need to get on at them for that for horror stuff, eh @whiterussian?




The death card, eh? Nice (or not)

Diamond, Spade, Death


Off the the Pile o’shite this evening.

Work first. Cba obv


I’m working until 9 tonight :frowning:
I’m not rushing in, I need to take Gizmo to the vets this morning, so I’ll take my time going in after.


Looking at learning to drive now I’m in the country that invented a Mad Max dystopian future.

There’s an online test you have to take before you can get a learner’s licence so I thought I’d go through it and see how I did. Not too bad but this question:


And here’s the bit I can find in Chapter 2 mentioning this

So exactly why am I wrong? :thinking:

(Also, thanks to Revisionist History about the supposed ‘stuck accelerator’ issue I feel like it’s remiss not to state categorically that you should remove your feet from the accelerator.)

edit I would have picked both the first two but figured there was more chance of applying the handbrake resulting in a skid. The book says ‘carefully’ so maybe the test is just wrong?


The test says “quickly”

The advice says “carefully”

Both are right, you are wrong.


It says carefully pull the handbrake not “quickly”.

I do know about pumping the brakes, but in an emergency I’d undoubtedly panic and end up doing a handbrake turn or something.


Oh you’re right.

I put handbrake and I thought I put pump the breaks. That makes more sense.

Cheers man.


I made this mistake in one of my theory test practices

Felt unfair to use language to catch you out (especially when they don’t do it very often so you’re not looking for it)


Nah, I mean it’s my fault actually reading that image of what I put. I was sure I clicked the lower one which is why I even bothered to look in the book the understand why pumping the breaks first wasn’t the right answer! I must have had a brain whack out.

I actually got 28 or 32 without studying first including at least two Melbourne-specific nutty ones so that’s a start.


Can you guess
Oh I bet you can
Really pretty easy
But I might as well tell you
Yes I’m going to CORBY :star_struck:


I too am working until 9 :slightly_frowning_face:

Currently have a baby sleeping on me, I’m trying to trim her nails and we’re all listening to low.


PRESSING engagement?


Oh look it’s Mr GobackintimeaweekandstealMartyFunkhousersjoke!




Corby trouser press jokes are for everyone.


well I’m sure yours was nice last week too :slight_smile:


Fucking hippy.