Friday 13th ♠️


Don’t know them actually. Did they used to be Perfect Pizza?


Anyone know if there are any decent record shops near London Bridge/Borough Market? I’m meeting someone for lunch around there tomorrow, but I’m going to be arriving early and wouldn’t mind whiling away some time in a music shop.



Get a falafel wrap from nana fanny’s In borough market.


Before or after lunch? Or both?








I’m not working until 9 afterall, someone got the dates muddled up.

So I’m going home for a film, beer and takeaway.


Well here I am


So many weiner kids in this cinema.


Look at this lovely doggo everyone!


I grew up in Dorset and there were a few wild boar knocking about. Before I went into the woods with my mates for crafty fags and sneaky beers my brother used to warn me that, on average, a person who encountered a wild boar in the woods has 8 seconds to live. They’d be completely eviscerated basically.

Dickhead. Haha. As if someone has taken the time to work out the average time it takes for a wild boar to kill a person in the woods in Dorset :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Haha! This has done me a bit :smiley: :boar:


I mean, how did these wild boar ‘scientists’ work out this average time exactly? Their data collection must be a complete shambles. I mean I suppose you could have body temperature readings and hoof marks which could potentially indicate their charge rate, distance and so on. The data collection team would have to be there very quickly before the local wildlife destroyed the physical evidence. Doesn’t seem very likely to me.

To be honest I think it was mostly guess work.