Friday 13th

Morning all, hope everyone’s grand.

What’s your day got in store? Gigs? Fine foods? Abseiling?

Am working, then not working.

Gonna do a big wash.

In a tutorial all day.

Don’t forget your bumhole

You too (As in Dont forgot my bumhole)


Going to Milan.


Singing this to the tune of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Got a really tiring and daunting day ahead of me and don’t have the courage to face it anymore

I hear you. Leaving the house felt like the worst decision and today is going to, again, suck.

I believe in us (not being happy with it mind you, just getting through it one way or another)

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Waiting for parcels.
Then need to go and get wrapping paper to wrap birthday presents (and also get the dog something from the pet shop as it’s his birthday today).

Going out for dinner with ATDs

Nah, Simple Minds :purple_heart:

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Shout out to my brain for being tired and excited for bed around 9 and then deciding we should think about everything ever for the next 4+ hours especially stuff which make me sad and anxious.
Then when I finally got to sleep, dreaming about being late for work and not being able to set my laptop up or do my work :expressionless::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Ugh. An old pal reached out which was amazing, so I wrote them quite a long email about what’s going on with me and a general summary of life over the last seven years since we last spoke

What I’ve had back (from someone my age) is Jay-from-inbetweeners,definitely not true ramblings, written in a bonkers faux-aristocracy tone.

And I’ve already said I’ll meet up for a drink

#regret :tumbler_glass:


Well I for one can’t wait for the 25+ likes story that we’re all going to get to read and enjoy


In a rare ‘quite good’ mood today. Sun’s out (was anyway, now it’s gone again), got my party bangers playlist on loud, the brewers are next door listening to a 90s dance anthems playlist, everybody seems happy, already got covered in beer from a leaky polypin so now I smell like beer, good day so far.


Feel hungover, didn’t drink last night. So assuming I’m run down and tired from finishing later/going to bed late/getting up before 6.

Weekend off tomorrow. Yay. Get through today first


Just got to the office. Warming up by writing about the rocks in a river in Wales, should probably be doing something like work I guess.

My chai has been made with cow’s milk, juat took it back and they said next time to tell them several times and check they’re using the right milk as they make it. Ah yes, my humblest apologies for that, my mistake :sweat_smile:

“Darling your portfolio of work is superb, it reminds me of the time I was asked to work for the ministry of defence but it really wasn’t my thing.”

An extract.


Cba already tbh friends.
Have so much bloody admin to do and I can’t be jiggered. Go away!!!

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Being told I should have negotiated turning the radio on in advance. Never been told this was a requirement until now. Sorry to post about it on here but just need to for my own sanity.

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