Friday 15th Evening - I'm always home, I'm uncool

I ate pierogi, potatoes and pickled veg for tea.

We might watch Memories of Murder.

Maybe a wee drink but probably not.



Friday NIGHT

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Evening @keith @tilty and everyone below :arrow_down:

Gonna eat butter chicken and watch a film (as yet undecided).

No selfie thread today? I actually took a selfie when I was doing something other than sitting around at home.


Had veggie hot dogs and sweet potato fries then a chocolate rice cake because I’m a big baby.

Somehow ended up with 7 large courgettes. Wtf should I cook with them that’s easy?

You ever had the Isa vegan “crab” cakes? Loads of courgette in those

We’ve done this recipe loads before:

Can’t remember if you eat dairy but you might be able to sub something for it.


No, I’ll take a look, I was thinking a potato carke type thing as also got a truckload of spuds

Chocolate cake?

It sounds disgusting but it’s actually delicious.


Hello there :wave:

:fish: and :fries: for dinner, washed down with a delicious rum and coke

Horizontal on the sofa now and not planning on moving if I don’t have to*

*I will have to


Stuck on a fiddly bit in Skyrim. Kinda want a takeaway but with the snow out that’s probably unfair on the poor soul that would have to bike it over. Rice time it is.

Called my elderly friend. Having a little cry now.
It was actually one of the better calls we’ve had tho, managed to have some banter and laughs in between the guilt trips and doomerism.

Want all the hugs :cry: feel bad cos she has it so much worse.


cold innit

Used to love this recipe, haven’t made it in a very long time. Might do next week.

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Been on the cans all day just blasting out tunes.

At 8pm I’m supposed to be doing a Zoom quiz that one of my old lecturers runs but I’ll end up with the wooden spoon so might give it a miss and just listen to all the music.

Evening. Had eggs on toast for tea. Have been allocated to work on a covid vaccine study so that’s gonna suck big time. Weather looks shite this weekend. Grumpy.

The way he nods and cuts off his own sentence to say “yeah” as though the person on the other end has said something


Can obviously ignore all the ingredients the don’t exist, like baby arugula

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just ordered new trainers and i am inconceivably hyped