Friday 15th Smarch


Morning my loves

Happy Friday! Tell me about your weekend plans, let me live vicariously through you.


Morning Jukey boy :kissing_heart:

Giving an informal lecturey talk thing this morning… haven’t finished what I want to say yet. Sure it will be ok. Then just got to survive the afternoon!!! Got some ATDs coming over tomorrow to watch the :egg: rugby :egg: then I am going to sleep for a very long time on Sunday.


Gf’s birthday tomorrow so I’ve begrudgingly agreed to go on a day out of her choosing. Mild dread already.

I was planning on getting her a nice bottle of wine yesterday from the good offie near work but didn’t make it in to the office due to a traffic kerfuffle. Some fucker has scheduled a lunchtime meeting today, so I’ve now only got time to get the wine OR get birthday cake and a card. Sophie’s choice.

  • Wine
  • Card and cake
  • Comedy option,

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niki pls


Hi Juke, everyone else.
Today is my Monday so my weekend involves work and not much else. Feeling a lot better today though so not even work seems too bad today!


Why have you said ‘today’ so many times, idiot.


Alright, Billy Corgan.


Morning all.

Work is shit and stressful at the moment. Today will be spent largely trying to make something that we don’t have background and supporting evidence for as good as the one we had to do with 2 years worth of supporting work behind it.

Went to see Rain Man at the Lowry last night. It was good but I couldn’t stop imagining Tom Cruise doing Charlie’s dialogue.


Morning all. Good news in Kallgeese Towers as my GF has gotten paid properly for the first time in months.

Work today means I’m deputising for my managers. Hoping I can make a good impression as one of them is leaving in May. Then a gig plus pints later! Long weekend! :metal::metal::metal: :ireland::ireland::ireland:


Get wine and write happy birthday on the receipt.


Maybe write ‘wine, not!’ on it too.


Pour out the wine and replace it with lucozade


Please dont do any of these things




It was behaving like a tampon.


My eyes hurt, and I’m stressing about all sorts.

Love and etc. to everyone here. You get me through days.


Alright shag?


It’s her birthday TOMORROW and you’re only just sorting this stuff now?!
Tsk tsk tsk
Make time to get all the things.
Go out after lunchtime, surely if you have a.meeting at lunch you get to take a.break later?


Her actual present has been here for weeks. You reckon I should have gotten her cake at the same time so it was nice and stale by now? Maybe next year.


Nah, I reckon you should be baking her a cake, pal.