Friday 15th Smarch


Say it quietly but I think, I think I may be on the mend. Today is the first day I can breathe out of my schnozz which is nice.

Timely too because I’ve got m9s for dinner tonight and I’m making these :fish: :taco:


Oh yeah, guys, be on the look out, yeah? Ides of fookin’ March, ennit


Q. What do you get if you cross a hole-in-one (on a par 4 hole) with a ska band?
A. The Mighty Mighty Albatrosstones!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUCKS! :cake: :fireworks: :partying_face:


It’s the tree hugging hippy in me more than anything that is anti-cards. That and how I have no sentimentality over things as I fear becoming a hoarder so if I had lovely romantic homemade cards I’d feel obliged to keep them OR I’d chuck them and regret it years later.


Mad Caddies


Hello! WFH today so basically the weekend already!

No plans at all this w/e for the first and last time in a good long while, so gonna work on my album hooray


my sister in law teaches primary school english in japan, she was doing a lesson on inventions yesterday when one of the kids came up with this


Kids got better handwriting than me


I am also working from home today. God bless remote working. At various stages throughout the day I aim to:

  • Go for a run
  • Do a food shop
  • Order some gig tickets
  • Clean the flat
  • Ask my head of dept to finance the training for my diploma
  • Do some appraisal related admin


Weekend: no plans currently. Wife’s sister is staying over so might do brunch Sunday morning. Otherwise ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Put in an offer on a flat I dont particularly care for on a busy high street I dont want to live on. Fuck off, london.


Morning all!

The boy decided to come into our bed last night then spent the whole night thrashing around in his sleep, and woke up with earache. Fantastic start to the day as I’m sure you’d agree. Quite glad is the weekend frankly.

We’ve got friends visiting from Cornwall this weekend, who are lovely people, but I could do with a nice quiet weekend without any responsibility tbh


Forgot that the shoes I’m wearing to work today mean I get static shocks all the time. Gonna be on edge all day.


Proper artist too.


:grinning: da fuq are you wearing?!




Just some timbos but I think the combination of the material plus the carpet is disastrous for whatever reason



It’s my Saturday! Going out for lunch with my family :slight_smile: That’s if I can peel myself out of bed.


Good day team,

Has my nephews wee b’day party last night, then sacked it and met an ATD for some whisky.

Busy wee morn before a long ‘business’ lunch :slight_smile::+1:


Woohooo Friday :partying_face:

Tonight - Netflix and chill
Tomorrow - Taking a trip up to that London to visit friends
Sunday - We’ll be waking up in London so possibly may go for a nice walk and have some lunch somewhere which will mean we get to have supper when we get home which is exciting as I love sandwiches, toasties, crumpets and all supper type food stuffs.
If the weathers poo we’ll probably just head home and cook up something tasty instead.