Friday 15th Smarch


Morning :coffee:
Feel a bit meh today.
Although I did just hear a load of lads outside get off a bus, cheering and whatnot and one of the shouted “LADS! WE’VE BEEN THROUGH THIS. PUT YOUR EMPTY BOTTLES IN THIS BAG SO I CAN RECYCLE THEM.” which did me in


On train to work with a mild white wine hangover. My miniature human alarm clock didn’t get me up at 6.30 as usual, and indeed had to be shaken awake at 9.15am. Weather is wild here on the coast and the wind whipped my skirt over my head as I ran down the hill to the train station.
Got a meeting this morning then spin (if I am certain I won’t vom) then a client lunch and then who knows.
No weekend plans, which I am quite happy about.


This has cheered me up a bit


Anyone got any work they want me to do for them?


luke at work says this to everyone. i approve


got an absolutely bangin nero keep cup lads. it’s coolz


Gym was really cathartic this morning, was feeling well miserable yesterday evening but turns out slamming battle ropes is good for that. Going to treat myself to my favourite sandwich at lunch, then Tony Law tonight. Hopefully going to have a chilled weekend featuring lots of Queer Eye.


Let’s see. I wanna get one of these, but it’s spendy



I love this but also feel it’s the kind of thing Pence (and his supporters) will use to be all ‘see I don’t hate gay people!’ and make himself seem more tolerant than he is.
Hateful man :angry:


Never ever have I had more affinity with a video on the internet than with this right now


I don’t know how to work the internet it seems.


Think I’ve fixed it with what you were going for?


Yes. Thank you.

That’s actual footage of me.


Looking good as ever :+1:


Preach sister.



Tonight: some short films at Crystal Palace International Film Festival*
Tomorra: a day of :bike: and :rugby_football:, gonna literally be glued to the telly all day, but I also need to clean my bike, make some bread and go and visit the bike shop in Penge cos it is now also a coffee shop which is also MY DREAM
Sunday: 250km bike ride :grimacing:

*it’s just a small local thing, no idea why they make it sound go grand


Hi :wave:

Heading to Ireland tomorrow to run a half-marathon in my hometown on Sunday followed by loadsa Guinness :running_man: :beers: :ireland: :shamrock: :ireland: :shamrock:


My head hurts


You know what helps with that?