Friday 15th Smarch


Morning all. Hope you’re well.

My GP has just relented, and given me the prescription that the specialist told him I needed a month ago. So fucking relieved.

Weekend plans - meeting some ATD’s, who I’ve known for 30(!) years for a long dog walk and picnic on Sunday. Can’t wait. Probably mainly sitting on my arse for the rest of it.


Busy as fuck here this morning. In the midst of a big booze delivery. Means my miniatures range is looking good though

@rich-t have you tried this? Any good?

Right guys got to get back to it TIME IS MONEY, BUY LOW SELL HIGH ETC ETC


In so much pain and desperately want to go home but would be my third day off sick in past 12 months which means I would be put on attendance management and I really can’t deal with the stress of that. Think it might be something kidney related, which is fun.

So just sitting here completely incapable of doing any kind of work and trying not to pass out or scream.

Think there’s minimal chance of me actually being able to drive home come four o’clock.


That’s crazy. Average sick days per person is 5 or so!

Saw you were in work earlier and assumed that you were feeling a bit better, so really sorry to hear it’s not the case :frowning:


@colossalhorse i saw a band last night and was like 75% sure you were the bass player

were you playing in glasgow last night?


I was playing last night. But it was guitar and in my living room, which is about 400-ish miles away.

Who were the band? If I have a doppleganger I need to get prepared before I’m inevitably accused of a crime I didn’t commit and forced to live as an outlaw.


grime (not a grime band)

i tried to find a photo but he doesn’t look like you in any of them. he did last night though.


So there’s a guy out there who is either slowly becoming me or has a prosthetic colossalhorse mask he wears onstage?

I’m not sure which one would be more troubling.


amazon user review:

“horse mask differs significantly from product shown”


Just had some Amazing food and am now stuffed full. We’re getting through lots of ‘business’ and these: