Friday 19th January. New albums

Probably the first big date for album releases this year. (I talk purely for myself.)

I’m looking forward to First Aid Kit, The Go! Team and TuneYards. Who else do I need to check out?

I saw First Aid Kit at Rough Trade East a few hours ago and they were brilliant. The new songs were excellent. I’ve The Go! Team there tomorrow also.
I’ve tickets for TuneYards for The Roundhouse and so tomorrow is a good day for live gigs I’ve got lined up.

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new Shopping album is pretty good


Enjoyed the new Go! Team on a first listen.

I have nothing else to contribute to this thread.

New Tuneyards - pretty underwhelmed tbh. Love most of her previous output, but this one I’m not getting on with.

Got The Go! Team and Shopping lined up, plus maybe give the new Porches record a go

Guess I’ll listen to the new shopping album

Thanks for the tips. Will add Go! Team and Shopping to my list (Spotify Radar seems to have ignored them despite the fact I’ve been playing the singles loads). I’m also going to listen to new records from Salad Boys, De Lux and Belle and Sebastian today.

Might try Tuneyards, but not sure I could do a whole album in a sitting.

I’ve got Xylouris White on, starting my day with Cretan folk rock. I’d like to put this on at work and see the raised eyebrows

Not sure if anyone’s into The Xcerts but they’ve discovered the E Street Band and it’s totally no bad.

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Not much to add to what’s already been mentioned, but I’ll probably also check out the new They Might Be Giants and Starcrawler albums.

I think the TuneYards record might be a grower. It feels a bit like she is trying to get a bit less ‘wacky’ - and the lyrical content is a bit heavier.

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They Might Be Giants sounding great on first listen. I was ready for their new stuff, but didn’t realise quite how ready. Also, the new one from The Fiction Aisle. Wasn’t sure if this would interest me much until I heard the single ‘Gone Today’ (which is excellent). Had a quick listen / skim through, will definitely be getting stuck into this later.

shopping and tune-yards - nice! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping so, but I really wasn’t too keen on first listen

Vessel of Iniquity’s self-titled debut mini album is out today, 15 minutes of absolutely monstrous blackened noise.

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Will give a Starcrawler a go too. I liked the “I Love LA” song, not so sure about the other singles released since.

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Good lord that’s noisy

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This sounds great. Jesse from Big Naturals / Anthroprophh / Repo Man / Gnod etc.

Got a real Deafheaven vibe this. Nice.

This video tho <3


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