Friday 19th March thread

Morning DiS.


Morning @midnightpunk and DiS. Is a very nice day here

Shame it’s bedtime, really


This looks amazing, have a good rest.

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Think we should do a house swap holiday please.


Morning! Coffe and reading time in bed now, standard.

Today I will be finishing up my translation of a horror film screenplay, very exciting! Will be very intrigued to see what the finished film (or the other two that I’ve translated) look like.

Woke up to snow and heavy wind though :grimacing::cold_face:



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Morning everyone. The weather is INCREDIBLE here today and it’d be a perfect day to go doon the water.

Here’s a dog to brighten your day.


Was at Angkor Wat this time last year :sob::sob::sob:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


oh god that nose

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Work. Dentist. Relief/misery. Sleep.

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Morning :slight_smile:
Coursework, housework, applying for jobs. Fun. Might redownload my theory test app and book in to try and pass that again, seventh time’s the charm as they say

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took a wrong turn on the way to work and ended up in Bannockburn. Area is stunning with the sun shining!

Today is my Friday and I can finish as early as 1

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Oooh, not all doom and gloom. My post woman has been and delivered this necklace

Massive fan of this Etsy seller, have two other necklaces and a keychain made by him and his stuff is great.



You all seem to have lovely weather, its misty and murky and grey and miserable here at the moment.

Taking the dog for a quick walk this morning.

Going to give blood this afternoon. Looking forward to feeling like shit tomorrow.

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Morning Friday :sun_with_face: This morning’s walk was absolutely beautiful, the weather this week has really been doing it for me. Cue rain and storms for the next two months.


Hiya DiS. Looooong week so glad it’s Friday. Quite happy to fix dinner and sink into bed at about 9 tonight tbh.

Need some brekky

Morning all!

Great underrated banger work from @midnightpunk!

The Child is at nursery. I’ve got a class to teach on sitcoms this morning and then some bits of marking to do.

I also need to plan a meal for tonight that will allow me to get to non-contact football training tonight.

Wor Lass is at work all weekend so today is both my Friday and my Sunday (kind of - it isn’t like days of the week exist any more anyway).

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Morning all.

Due to a failure to remove chicken from the freezer we had takeaway pizza for dinner last night.

This means I was convinced it was Saturday, and angry at my alarm going off at 7 this morning. It hasn’t been a good couple of hours so far.

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Who knew frozen pizza was the secret to time travel? Aside from the makers of the film Primer anyway…