Friday 2

When am I going to stop waking up at 5am?

Answers on a postcard.

Tomorrow!! I believe in you :muscle:

Didn’t wake up to the builders throwing what sounds like metal containers full of concrete against my ceiling this morning, but still woke up at 7am when they usually start. It’s eerily quiet. I know they’re gonna start smashing down some walls in the stairwell to build a lift today, so I’m just sipping my earl grey as quietly and deliberately as I can before hell is unleashed.

Also, Trump has corona virus, so there’s that.

Once thought the leaders who downplayed covid would change their tune once they got it, but it’s been proven that even getting sick won’t change their shambolic ways :sleepy:

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True that. If anything, I’m worried it’s just gonna push matters like his tax returns and him refusing to condemn white supremacism out of people’s agenda. Plus, it’s probably safer to keep him inside than continuing to be the Interrupter in Chief in the outside world.

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Got my first (outdoor, socially distanced) meeting in months this morning. Might have to wear a wetsuit.

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A former diser is on Lou Sanders podcast today, can someone let me know if he’s been cancelled before I listen please, can’t remember

Let’s get through Friday peeps

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Yeah will probably get the sympathy vote and will do the preying and thoughts thing plus claim it somehow makes him more empathetic.

Absolutely shattered from trying to outrun Fig from accompanying us to school, can still hear him yowling a block away about not being able to come with us :laughing:

Got uni all day today, not feeling very intelligent




Trousers on for work for the first time since March. Not happy about it.

Sting’s birthday today, but I can’t remember what the music board meme about him is.

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It’s my Tuesday (and I’ll cry if I want to). Big Christmas launch this morning. T-minus 13 days, 7 working days.


Lovely weather, eh? PB on toast for breakfast, no exciting plans ever again, it feels like.

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misread this as “Christmas lunch”


Pop round mine and I’ll sort it for you

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What are the papier mache things (usually donkeys?) that get filled with sweets and kids smash them with sticks until they break? Latin American thing? Mind gone completely blank

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day