Friday 21st December general purpose winter solstice day thread

Morning all :wave:

How are you all? I’d imagine most of the action will be in the DiSmas thread but here’s a general purpose thread for the day.

I’ve got a day off today. We’re taking the girls tenpin bowling this morning, which could be hilarious or disastrous. Not sure about the rest of the day, but we’re going to a nice restaurant tonight for dinner (it’s become a bit of a tradition to have our own mini Christmas do each year).

Not sure about the rest of the day. Might do the big Christmas shop. What bounce u doin huns?

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Shortest day, shortest day, shortest day.

That’s me chanting in celebration.

M woke up at 1am singing and feeling better, and she sang to me for…FOUR HOURS. Shattered now and I look awful, so I’m reneging on a team breakfast and a meditation taster session in work so I can leave a bit early hopefully.


mornin all.

no more work yay! works christmas lunch later on, will hopefully get to the gym before that. otherwise just going to be in the :santa: thread all day

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LIB. (Lying in bed)
Transitioning from still pissed to hungover.

Countdown to Summer II

Morning! Work, probably be pretty busy what with that there Christmas and all. Need to do an audit of all the Christmas food we’ve been stockpiling later, might even have a Perlenbacher or two.

Hey festive chaps. Have fun in the DiSmas thread. I’ll be staying out of there.

Start of the onslaught today. Time to batten down the hatches.


So much work to do, got kept up loads last night be child and dog too. CBA



Probably not on the same scale but I know how you feel. Good luck pal!

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Last day of work until NYE! Gonna pop into the DiS Meat later. Plasticmike is still ill. No idea when we’ll be heading to the Isle now :thinking:

And the same to you Funkyhouse. had almost 3000 trays of food in over the course of last night and this morning. Getting full now.


Morning all,

Busy day ahead - vet this morning, lunchtime Christmas drinks, meeting mid-afternoon, my first MEAT.

Hi. Got a great thread about Sales in the bag for later.

We did our Christmas shop, so baking later. Tidying, too.

I am just about to go and get my wrist checked up.

And then drinks with my ATDs later.

morning, I’m off to record a christmas song today


also got to put some silicone on the conservatory roof as it’s leaking, shouldn’t be too difficult right?

Just watched a 20 minute video with a guy going over a bunch of pro tips but it basically seems like nitpicking to me

Urgh I’m awake when I don’t need to be. No plans for today, other than DiS meat later innit.

What was she singing for four hours?

Christmas I and the LMEat. That is the extent of todays plans

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The nitpicking is important in DIY Bam!